CASBT case: Three defendants claim to be victims

They were caught in a whirlpool of hell. Leaving it exposes their companies to bankruptcy. On Thursday, at the CASBT trial, the three businessmen heard an explanation of how the other defendants had put a knife to their throats, in order to launder embezzlement public funds or provide expensive services.

Thursday 14 April 2022: The fifth day of the so-called “CASBT Trial” before the Basse-Terre Tribunal.

After hearing the voices of three new entrepreneurs on Tuesday and Wednesday, three new entrepreneurs were heard at the pub today: Jean-Luc Devonne, Alain Andre and Camille Feitlingon. They are among the 15 defendants prosecuted in a variety of ways for active influence-selling acts, unlawful appropriation of interests, or concealment of presumed property, between 2010 and 2017, within the South Bass-Earth Conglomerate (CASBT) community. At the time, the late Lucette Michaux-Chevry was the president of the community.

Planted tightly on his legs, his head held high, Jean-Luc Devonne speaks loudly and clearly.
For four hours, a public works contractor prepared a real indictment of racketeering created at the time of CASBT, which has since become the Great Southern Caribbean Conglomerate Community (CAGSC). This racket was the first to publicly denounce him.

Remember: On January 23, 2017, construction machinery blocked the construction of the urban community in Basse-Terre. It was him. Then Jean-Luc Devonne demanded that 1.8 million euros be paid for the work. This was banned, by decision of Lucette Michaux-Chevry.
I had refused to fund these campaigns, and I had refused to do free work in his house. In the end, I never got paid and had to lay off 12 employees”the respondent explained.
Because the truth is that Jean-Luc Devonne is on trial for the exploitation of active influence. He paid, in fact, 13,000 euros in various donations and especially to the association “Basse-Terre, a passion”.
“René-Claude Monrose came to see me for integration and cultural animation projects. It seemed to me to be coherent, especially since there was no peer”the businessman argued.
He also noted that he donates 50,000 euros each year to various associations. Completely legal donations. “That’s why I don’t understand what I’m doing here.”said Jean-Luc Devouton at the pub.

Attorney Jamil Hoda states that he is indeed a victim in this case:

I’m Jamil Hoda, the lawyer of Jean-Luc Devonne

© Eric Stimpfling – Guadeloupe I

Alain Andre looks a bit lost in the courtroom.
The director of Ruillier, a food wholesaler, confirmed that Fred Madeenkotti had an account, which was being sued for concealing the misuse of company assets. An account with a very special operation, because it is fed almost exclusively by companies such as AquaT, Getelec or Gaddarkhan, that is, 176,000 euros, between 2009 and 2016.
Enough to pay for a few bottles of champagne…

I admit a mistake, lack of foresight, I work 12 to 14 hours a day, “ Alain Andre explained.

Camille Faitlingon is Director of Companies TTM, ROM, SEREG and SOMATRA. He is being tried for active influence peddling.
He has been struggling to get paid for his service related to the household waste collection market, in Capesterre-Belle-Eau, which he won in 2015, for four years, according to his testimony.
However, a trace was found worth €6,000 which he paid to Fred Madeenkotti, Director General of Services (DGS) at CASBT, also warned.
A personal donation to help pay for his son’s experimental studiesCamille Vittlingon, who also confirmed that he bought two plane tickets a year, for three years, on behalf of his company ROM, for the benefit of the DGS community.
gesture of friendshipAccording to the businessman.

In this case, friendship certainly brought more than one man to justice.

As for Camille Vatellingon, nothing good came out of her, when he heard him say: “Today, Grand Sud Caraïbe still owes me €350,000. Because of this story I lost everything. My company collected garbage in 11 municipalities, today 0. I have 44 trucks parked on a plot of land”.

The session was adjourned until Tuesday.

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