Canada, Spain, Israel…OGC Nice fans will cross this planet to watch the Coupe de France final

Europe, Middle East, America … The OGC Nice flag is flying on many continents, in the hearts of its supporters living abroad. Physically far from lovable Aiglons, they live alone or with others, a passion that is well felt through sharing. So this French Cup final is, for them, a rare opportunity to find the red and black flesh of the peoples. A moment you can’t miss.

Cedric, 30 years old, Madrid (Spain)

[Cédric arrivera de Madrid (Espagne)] picture d.

“In recent years I have had a friend from Nice in Madrid with whom I watched the matches. It is always nicer to share that passion. Otherwise I come back to Nice every two months or so and take the opportunity to go to the stadium when I can. I became a member of Atlético Madrid , but I still prefer the gym.

I could not attend the 2006 final [Coupe de la Ligue, contre Nancy] Because I was too young. There, I had to go up. And after a while, if I had to visit ticket resale sites, I would. The little extra is that the plane only costs me 80€. Much cheaper than if you had left Nice! »

the reviewer: “Hard win, 1-0 or 2-1”.

Ilan, 28, Netanya (Israel)

There will be fourteen of us in Paris, coming from Netanya, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Some lived here for three months, others for ten years. For some, we got to know each other here via social networks. Others, it is a long-standing friendship, especially from the stands. We’ve been using a Whatsapp group of gym fans in Israel for five years, and we’ve been in it for about twenty, very heterogeneous, between 20 and 50. We meet regularly for the Nice matches. one or the other. We call each other, we spin. In a small friendly atmosphere. We miss the stadium.

I was 4 years old when I won the final against Gangan [1997]. It was out of the question to miss. It is historical. »

the reviewer: “I don’t see anything but winning. I don’t see us losing this match.”

Tomas, 30 years old, Seville (Spain)

Thomas will arrive from Seville a week after a storm among friends: “It would be crazy.”

“Here, I represent the club. I always walk around with my training clothes in the gym to play my sport. I make it clear that there is only one club in France: Nice. The day after the victories the people around me understand it very quickly. I haven’t met any other people from Nice. In Seville, so I usually watch the matches on TV, with my friends on Facetime to share these moments.

The last final against Nancy I was too young to go to Paris. At Nancy’s first goal, she fired a telegram. My parents punished me and I couldn’t see the rest of the game. Absolute frustration. So it has to be there. »

the reviewer: “2-0 to UGEM.”

Morgan, 32, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Morgan hopes to arrive from Switzerland to see Dante lift the trophy.

“I left Nice young and watched all the matches for over twenty years. When the club comes to prepare for the new season in Divonne-les-Bains [Ain]I take full advantage of it. It is true that the gym suffers from a bad image outside. So I represent him with my little T-shirt on my shoulder.

I have already booked the plane and hotel for the final in Paris. I’m waiting for the general ticket office to open. »

the reviewer: “I dare hope we win 2-1 or 2-0.”

Lionel, 46 years old, Montreal (Canada)

” I arrived from Cagnes sur mer In 1998. I was in the final 97 against Nancy. When we qualified, my wife knew I was going to Paris. I apologize in advance for the filthy ecological footprint this is going to have, but Ness doesn’t play fifty final! We had played Secioun Montreal before the 2006 final. We were up to ten. We had a tarp and subscriber cards. We would meet regularly to watch matches, in the afternoon due to jet lag. Many have returned to France, so we will see each other again in Paris.

I live the meetings, every weekend, in the living room. People around me know my passion. Being from Nice is very important to me. I’m waiting for a friend who might have tickets. I want to believe that of course we will. I have already booked AirBNB and plane. I’m leaving with a friend from Quebec who is going to a football final and discovering this beautiful identity that sticks to our skin and that emerges during events like this. »

the reviewer: “Hard to say. Leaning towards Nice, but it’s final. Above all, I want to see a good match.”

Corentin, 27 years old, Guadeloupe

“I found a friend here who is also a fan of OGC Nice. We watch all the matches together. We live with them for a cup of coffee and a cigarette because sometimes it’s early in the morning. Even at the beach I take my computer so I don’t miss them.”

In our life, knowing the nickname with the gym, it is impossible to miss it. We’ve been waiting for this since we were kids. Once we qualified, I asked my boss for several days. He knows I’m a football fan. He saw in my eyes that he had no choice but to let me go. Driving 16,000 km to see a beautiful play for an hour and a half, people think I’m crazy. Especially since it was an obstacle course to find tickets. »

the reviewer: A complicated match, but a victory.

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