Basketball / Ilan Bernice: Sasa Obradovic is not Monaco

Eight months after being named coach of the year for France and the European Cup, Mitrovic was thanked.

A peine sapé de son nouveau costume à la cravate rouge, l’imposant Sasa Obradovic (1,97 m ; 53 ans) délimite les contours de sa volonté : « Je veux une équipe combattante, qui tuerait et se sacrifieracesse, sans For others.” According to the Serbian technologist, “the cohesion of a particular team is missing.” “My challenge is to ensure that we become one. Therefore, you need more consistency and the players have not yet reached their full potential. »

12 wins out of 15 in the Euroleague

The former full-back of the Yugoslav national team, who made it to the top by winning three European champion titles (1995, 1997, 2001), a world champion (1998) and a silver medal at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, is quickly reassured by the application of his speech. Following the success of Kaunas two days after Obradovic’s inauguration, ASM achieved two further defeats in the Queen of European competitions, the time required to absorb the new playing principles and the new hierarchy.

A month after the arrival of the Serb, the Monaco transfer is well on its way to success. The remaining 15 matches in the Euroleague were swallowed up boldly with twelve wins to only three defeats, enough to claim the unofficial title of best European team at the end of winter.

Step by step, Monaco climb up the hierarchy to reach the Holy Grail, the top 8 in the European League (7And), and its double reward: the quarter-final against Olympiacos in the top five, with the first two rounds taking place in Athens on Wednesday and Friday, and also (above all) a guarantee of a return to the Euroleague in the European League. season. next.

Once the qualification for the European qualifiers was verified, Domantas Mutijonas promised: “We have been the underdogs all year, but thanks to our dedication and hard work, we have achieved our goal, so we will continue to fight.” “The qualifiers were great for the team. It’s a great success for Monaco. We are very happy to do it. Now we have a bigger challenge ahead. All Monaco are waiting for these matches”, confirms the Lithuanian pivot, top scorer in the first leg (15 points to 7 out of 12) who He doesn’t need to go through a polygraph to realize that Obradovic’s induction on the bench was the trigger for the renaissance.

“He got to a point where things were not going well. We had a few defeats both in the French championship and in the Euroleague and we were far behind in the standings. Many things have changed since he arrived. He has managed to influence the team, not only in his way of playing, But also in the harmony off the field. It’s commendable. I think everyone was happy with this change.”

Tuesday setback in Dijon

Speech tone certified by the sports director Oleksiy Yefimov. The latter confirmed last week on beBasket “It’s clear that Sasa Obradovic is the main reason for this shift. We haven’t hired any new players since he arrived, so we can’t say it was the recruiter who changed our playing level. He gave everyone a specific role, and a clear hierarchy Among the main players, and those who take turns and who practically have no role. But everyone knows exactly what they have to do and what is expected of them. It is difficult to find a case where a manager takes charge of the team halfway and radically changes the course of the season. It seems to me that In more than 80% of coach changes, the team does not improve. Sassa wrote an exception to the rule, in addition to having players already present before his arrival. »

In the league, Obradovic was content to take an interest in everyday chores. By skillfully rotating his super-rich workforce of 15 professionals, he racked up 12 wins in seventeen days, including eight in a row before faltering on Tuesday night in Dijon (96-87), leaving Boulogne-Levallois to reclaim the lead in the standings.

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