🔴 Direct – War in Ukraine: 5 million people have fled the country since the beginning of the Russian invasion

Russia suffered one of its biggest losses since the start of the invasion of Ukraine by sinking the cruiser Moskva. Follow all the latest information live.

3:26 pm

US Senator Lindsey Graham warned Friday during a visit to Taiwan by lawmakers who emphasized Washington’s desire not to abandon the island, that China must pay a higher price for its support for Russia in the midst of war with Ukraine.

Beijing threatened to take “strong measures” in response to Senator Graham’s visit at the head of a delegation of US lawmakers, and announced on Friday that the People’s Liberation Army had conducted exercises around Taiwan and in the South China Sea as a warning.

2:30 pm

Russia has blocked the website of French radio RFI, which broadcasts information in fifteen languages, including Russian, in the midst of a crackdown on critics of the attack in Ukraine.

AFP journalists in Russia noted on Friday that www.rfi.fr is now on the list of sites blocked in Russia by telecom regulator Roskomnadzor, who were unable to open the media site without a VPN.

2:04 pm

The Russians arrested a Briton, a member of the Ukrainian army, whose mother asked in the Daily Telegraph to treat him “humanely” and release him. On Thursday evening, Russian public television broadcast pictures showing a young man handcuffed and with a wound on his forehead, claiming to be Aiden Aslin. His mother, Ang Wood, confirmed to The Telegraph, which devoted several articles to the 28-year-old, including before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, that he was indeed her son. The latter in particular bears a distinctive tattoo.

“Aiden is an active member of the Ukrainian armed forces, and therefore she is a prisoner of war” who “must be treated humanely,” she told the newspaper, reminding Russian President Vladimir Putin of the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War. She added: “It appears that he has already been beaten. It is time for the UK government to step up and secure Aiden’s release.” Video clips bearing the logo of the Kremlin-funded RT channel, in which the young man appears to be particularly skeptical of Ukraine’s responsibility in the conflict, were also spread on social media, images that his grandfather described as “propaganda”. Mother Pamela Hall with the British Agency PA.

And a message attributed to the young man was published, on Tuesday, through his account on the social networking site Twitter, an animation of his relatives, who hope to exchange prisoners. After 48 days, he explained, “we tried our best to defend Mariupol (southeast of Ukraine), but we had no choice but to surrender to the Russian forces.”

1:50 pm

Russia blocked the Russian edition of the prestigious independent media The Moscow Times on Friday, accusing it of spreading “false information” about the conflict in Ukraine, in the latest example of a crackdown on the media. “Friday, Russia blocked the Russian-speaking service of the Moscow Times after it published what the authorities consider false information about the refusal of riot police to go to fight in Ukraine,” the newspaper said on its website, adding that he had not been notified. of this decision.

The Russian Communications Gendarmerie, Roskomnadzor, confirmed on its website the blocking, noting that it had submitted a request from the Public Prosecution Office dating back to April 12. The Moscow Times is best known for its English version – which is still available – which was founded in 1992 and is the first Western daily published in Russia. Its paper version ceased publication in 2017, against the backdrop of economic difficulties and the digital revolution.

The blocking of its Russian-language site illustrates the extent of the repression practiced by the Russian authorities since the outbreak of the Moscow attack in Ukraine on February 24.

1:17 pm

German Economy Minister and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck urged Germans to save energy “to anger Putin” as Germany seeks to reduce its dependence on Russian gas amid the war in Ukraine, in an interview on Friday.

“I hope everyone contributes now to save energy,” the ecologist, who is also the owner of the Climate Portfolio, said in an interview with the Funke press groups.

1:11 pm

AFP journalists at the site said Friday that a factory in the Kyiv region, which manufactures Neptune missiles that the Ukrainian military said it used to hit the Russian cruiser Moskva, was exposed at night in a Russian raid.

A factory workshop and an administrative building adjacent to it in the town of Vishnevi, about thirty kilometers southwest of the Ukrainian capital, were badly damaged, and AFP was able to see it. The windows of about fifty cars parked in the nearby car park were also smashed.

A spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense had announced a little earlier that Russia had destroyed the surface-to-air missile production workshop at this plant, its name was Vizar, using a Kalibr cruise missile.

12:18 pm

The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office said, on Friday, that seven civilians were killed and 27 others were wounded, Thursday, by Russian fire on evacuation buses in the Kharkiv region of eastern Ukraine.

The Prosecutor’s Office wrote on Telegram: “On April 14, Russian soldiers fired at evacuation buses carrying civilians in the Borova region. According to preliminary information, seven people were killed and 27 others were injured.”


The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned that NATO membership in Sweden and Finland will have consequences for these two countries and for European security. These countries “must understand the consequences of such a step for our bilateral relations and for the European security architecture as a whole,” ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement.

11:18 am

The Russians arrested a Briton, a member of the Ukrainian army, whose mother asked in the Daily Telegraph to treat him “humanely” and release him.


Russia claimed to have killed about 30 “Polish mercenaries” in a raid in northeastern Ukraine, amid rising tensions between Moscow and Warsaw.


Russia announced that it had destroyed an arms factory on the outskirts of Kyiv and confirmed the intensification of strikes on the Ukrainian capital in response to the attacks launched by Ukraine on Russian soil.

The Russian Defense Ministry said: “The number and size of missile strikes on Kyiv sites will increase in response to all terrorist attacks and sabotage operations carried out by the nationalist regime in Kyiv on Russian territory,” announcing the destruction of the surface-to-air missile production workshop at the Visar plant.


The Ukrainian presidency said that five people were killed in Donbass, eastern Ukraine, during the past 24 hours when explosions sounded at night south of Kyiv, apparently causing no damage or injuries.


William Burns, the head of the CIA, said military setbacks in Ukraine could prompt Russian President Vladimir Putin to turn to a tactical or low-energy nuclear weapon there.

“Given that President Putin and the Russian leadership may sink into despair, given the setbacks they have suffered so far from a military point of view, none of us can bear the threat posed by the potential use of tactical nuclear weapons or low-energy nuclear power,” Burns said during a speech. Delivered in Atlanta.


New York prosecutors said that the Russian politician, Alexander Babakov, had already been targeted in the past with international sanctions, and US justice had indicted two of his associates for illegal operations of anti-Ukrainian influence and propaganda on the territory of the states. .

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