Strong Reactions After Permission to Camp at San Feli Beach

At a time when the environmental issue is on everyone’s lips and many municipalities ban camping, the mayor of Gosier has decided to allow it to San Felix Beach, on the occasion of Easter, after decades of bans. The municipality intends to reconnect with tradition. Societies in the region are crying.

With a press release, Cedric Cornet, Mayor of Le Gosier and President of the Riviera de Levante (CARL) community, has authorized camping on San Felix Beach, this Easter period, this year.

He also communicated via a video created on Facebook Live:

From this Wednesday, April 13, 2022 and until next April 20, campers will be able to set up a temporary residence on the beachfront, in this section.

Saint-Félix Beach in Le Gosier

© Jean Marie Mafunzi – Guadeloupe I

Picnics are permitted on all other beaches of Le Gosier.

The decision taken by the municipality of Anse-Dumont surprises associations in particular, which do not understand the process and fear the consequences of this authorization for the environment.

Therefore, only the Anse Dumont site in Saint-Félix is ​​concerned with this license.

The municipality intends to ensure compliance with good practices, on site, explained Lilian Montot, First Vice Mayor of Gosier:

City agents, CARL agents, and municipal police will work hard to allow for an enjoyable campground. Hops will be located at Anse Dumont port, chemical toilets will be provided free of charge and we will also be patrolling.

Lilian Montot, First Vice Mayor of Le Gosier

The municipality depends on the civic mindset of the residents.

This camping permit is assumed by the mayor and the majority of his members. It will have a future test value:

Lillian Montot: “An evaluation will be conducted after this period.”

Saint-Félix Beach in Le Gosier

Saint-Félix Beach in Le Gosier

© Jean Marie Mafunzi – Guadeloupe I

Living together, respecting the location and the environment … All these recommendations announced by the city council do not reassure the associations in the region.

For decades, the San Felix Youth Association (AJSF) has worked to preserve the site and got a ban on camping, specifically on this beach, a few years ago. Today, these members do not understand the town hall’s position. This is the case of Jocelyn Martial, president of the Jordanian Union of Journalists:

For us, that’s really what we call betrayal, because we can’t imagine, after all these years of fighting, today, that there is a permit to camp, in the space of San Felix, especially after what happened in 2015, where we found the beach in tatters.

Jocelyn Martial, President of AJSF

AJSF members are not going off.
They regret the lack of consultation between the municipality and the associations on the ground.

Jocelyn Martial: “No consultation was held on this irresponsible decision! (…) Today the AJSF is requesting the withdrawal of this decree!”

In addition to the environmental issue of concern to associations and local residents, there is the issue of parking for visitors and campers.

For several weeks, rehabilitation work has been undertaken at the fishing port of Saint-Félix, limiting access to shore. In this context, it does not seem wise to allow hundreds of people to be on the site, according to the cultural association “Lipetiye”, which is established in the area.

It does not come, in fact, in time, so much as there are works. And we remember that the last time it was really open, there was a flood. There was really a mess. I hope there are vigils, because I know that when people are like this, they thirst a little bit for freedom. That people do not cut down trees, because they are not as tall as before, because of business.

Antonin Martial, Member of the “Lipeti” Association

Bad timing is obvious for the AJSF:

Jocelyn Martial: “Can you imagine how many people would come to San Felix, because other CARL beaches would be banned. Can you imagine the situation we’d have to put up with!”.

We walked into our microphone, to see what Anse Dumont users thought of Mayor Gosier’s decision. There are advantages and disadvantages:

Users are divided over permission to camp in Anas Dumont, in Gosier.

© Rudi Realcy and Jean-Marie Mafunzi – Guadeloupe I

For the municipality, this mandate should allow residents to reconnect with their traditions…but at what environmental cost? Here all the question.

Port of Saint Felix in Le Gosier

Saint-Félix Beach in Le Gosier

Saint-Félix Beach in Le Gosier

© Jean-Marie Mafunzi – Guadeloupe I

Saint-Félix Beach in Le Gosier

Saint-Félix Beach in Le Gosier

© Jean-Marie Mafunzi – Guadeloupe I

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