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Metricool offers its customers the possibility to centralize their daily tasks, for all social networks and all Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. Peugeot, Volvo, McDonald’s or even Warner Music and UNICEF call for this expertise. For more information, the team I have a friend in com So I spoke with Sarah Martin, director of Metricool in France. An exchange also helps to better understand the importance of managing social networks.

Interview with Sarah Martin, Director of Metricool in France

JUPDLC: Can you introduce Metricool to us in a few words?

Sarah Martin: Metricool is a tool for analyzing and managing social networks. It is an all-in-one tool for optimizing your digital content strategy. You can manage, analyze and schedule from your PC or mobile app.

JUPDLC: How is your customer portfolio made up?

Sarah Martin: We work with different players such as Marketing and Communications Agencies, Freelance Community Managers, SMEs/SMBs, Franchise Groups, Chains, CRM, Various Solutions, Inbound Marketing, etc.

JUPDLC: You develop new features every month. What are the latest?

Sarah Martin: At the beginning of 2022, we included the option to automatically program from Metricool, spinners on Instagram and also threads of posts on Twitter, so that you are not blocked by the character limit. We also added INBOX, a central inbox, with which you can manage comments, messages and reviews from different platforms simultaneously.

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JUPDLC: How do you generally support your customers? And in a standard setting? Why is it important?

Sarah Martin: Our technical support is our users’ best ally, efficient and responsive, available 7 days a week from 09:00 to 00:00, without interruption. The sales team ensures follow-up of key accounts and smooth contract operation.

JUPDLC: How does Metricool natively offer SmartLinks to your customers?

Sarah Martin : SmartLinks started with Instagram, and we were looking for a solution for accounts with less than 10,000 followers who can’t put a link out of a bio. But today, SmartLinks is much more than that. You can have a custom landing page that directs traffic to the websites or social networks of your choice. They can be used on Instagram, TikTok, your email signature… wherever you want. In addition, of course, Metricool offers the ability to analyze and measure the scope and effectiveness of SmartLinks.

JUPDLC: All too often, some brands rush into digital technology without understanding the nitty-gritty. How mature are your clients in these topics? Do your customers understand the importance of posting the right content on the right platform?

Sarah Martin: At Metricool, we have a diverse group of clients. Some are very familiar with social networking and its intricacies and have solid strategies, others, SMBs/SMBs for example, may not be fully up to date with their social network strategy. We believe pedagogy still plays an important role. We do our best to help our users with tips, examples, and tutorials. We regularly publish content for educational purposes via articles on our blog, YouTube videos, social media posts, etc.

Image credit: Metrocool

In addition, we are creating more and more partnerships with various media, training centers and other actors in the field of marketing and communications in France. The aim is to promote cooperation and above all diversified information in order to bring knowledge and maturity to the field of communications and marketing. To do this, we cooperate with marketing professionals who specialize in various fields.

At Metricool, it is important to us that each of our users is able to get the most out of their social media channels. We do not offer follow-up training in the strict sense at the moment.

JUPDLC: Why is choosing the right keywords in an online campaign important? How do you reduce some costs?

Sarah Martin: Keywords are very important because they help you focus your campaigns as much as possible on your target audience, thus increasing your conversion rate or interactions. In addition to gaining efficiencies by targeting ads to audiences who are truly interested in our business, we are also working to reduce costs. In online campaigns, you usually pay per impression or per click. So inevitably, by getting more conversions for fewer clicks, you reduce your advertising expenses. By choosing keywords carefully and thinking about how our audience will search for us, we can reach them more easily.

JUPDLC: The vast majority of brands and companies are on social networks. Is your offer subject to strong competition?

Sarah Martin: Yes, it is true that social networks are a very important channel in marketing and communication today. We have a lot of competition around the world, but we can easily split it into two. First of all there are hacker competitors, i.e. tools that break all kinds of rules (asking users for their passwords for example), these competitors disappear because the respective networks punish them and make users aware, who gradually realize that these are not real tools, and above all It brings nothing.

Then there are the certified competitors, like us. We have competitors around the world, but Metricool offers a combination of features that offer it as a unique 360-degree solution. We continue to differentiate each day by adding new features and offering an ever-changing contact and service.

JUPDLC: What is your assessment of your activity in 2021? In general, how does Metricool work?

Sarah Martin: In 2021, we have increased Metricool users by 60% and increased revenue by 80%. The development of INBOX messaging and the opening of the French market saw the end of the year and we can’t wait to reveal the rest. We are very satisfied with the results of 2021. We have been able to develop the majority of the features that have been well received by our user community and the results have been more than satisfactory. For us of course, but especially for marketing enthusiasts and Metricoolers! We look forward to giving you a retrospective look at 2022.

JUPDLC: What are your development paths for the coming years?

Sarah Martin: As always, we look forward to improving our product and increasing the features we offer our customers. On the other hand, another goal we keep in mind is to continue to grow and gain visibility in France and the United States.

To learn more about Metricool, go to his dedicated page!

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