Gran Turismo 7: The game can finally be played after more than 24 hours of unavailability!

game news Gran Turismo 7: The game can finally be played after more than 24 hours of unavailability!

After twenty-four hours of maintenance, Gran Turismo 7 can be turned on again. Kazunori Yamauchi, license creator and president of Polyphony Digital, has publicly apologized.

Gran Turismo 7 1.07 update took longer to install Than expected, with maintenance for more than a day. This was maintenance Extended due to a problem at the moment, no contact has been madewhich led to another correction, Version 1.08.0.

“My sincerest apologies,” says Gran Turismo creator

Kazunori Yamauchi posted a communication At about 3:45 p.m., we transcribed it for you:

I wanted to explain what happened in this update.

Right before the 1.07 update was released, we have Troubleshoot an issue where the game does not start correctly in some cases On retail versions on PS4 and PS5.

Il s’agissait d’un problème rare qui n’avait pas été observé lors des tests sur le matériel de de développement ou des sessions de tests QA avant la publication, mais afin de donner la priorité à la sécurité des donutées de s, we’ve got Decided to discontinue update version 1.07, and perform patch 1.08.

This is the reason for the delay.

With my sincerest apologies Late report to all.

Also in this update some Event rewards adjusted. I also wanted to explain the reasons and our plans for the future.

In GT7, I like users Enjoy lots of cars and racing, even without microtransactions.

At the same time, the The price of the car is an important factor Which conveys its value and rarity, so I think it is It is important that it be linked to real world prices.

I want to make GT7 a game wherever you can Enjoy a variety of cars in different waysAnd, if possible, I would try to avoid a A situation in which a player must replay certain events over and over again.

We will inform you of Update plans for additional contentAnd additional racing events and additional features that will constructively solve this problem.

it hurts me So we can’t explain any details of this at this time, but we plan to Continue reviewing GT7 So that as many players as possible can enjoy the game.

We would be really grateful if everyone could watch the growth of Gran Turismo 7 from a A little long-term view.

Kazunori Yamauchi

even if Yamauchi’s explanation might make senseIt is clear that communication about this update could have been much better. The last sentence is specifically addressed On social networks, by many players who think so Yamauchi had some rather condescending remarks By asking players to see the ‘long term’. players I was in the dark for more than twenty-four hours, and some are still very upset by the extended maintenance and lack of communication around it. But that is not the only reason…

A patch that appears to encourage in-game purchases

In fact, as stated in the press release, the Rewards have been revised for some events. many players Not particularly happy from the fact that Cars are more expensive while the Genres pay less. So it seems that Fool polyphony players to buy credits With real money, via an update. A particularly questionable practice, especially since Some note that this update was made shortly after the latest tests were released Game.

a Correction note Available for updates 1.07 and 1.08. here the main pointsYou can find the details on the official Gran Turismo 7 website:

Patch Notes Gran Turismo 7

Update 1.08

  • Fixed an issue where vehicle assortment would not appear at used car dealerships and Legendary cars
  • Fixed an issue where the game would in some cases not progress to the world map, making it impossible to play

Update 1.07

  • Add “Broadcast Mode”, remove licensed music

Vehicle parameters :

  • Fixed an issue where an application error occurred when selecting the settings sheet in the Quick Menu > Vehicle Settings > Detailed Settings in Global Circuits while offline
  • Fixed an issue where copied settings sheets would disappear when opening and closing the vehicle settings
  • Fixed an issue where the 18 Ford GT Race Car would only shift to 1st gear when a “Fully Customizable Manual Transmission” or “Fully Customizable Sequential Transmission” was installed
  • Fixed an issue where cars were considered “compliant” even if they did not meet the Balance of Performance (BoP) regulations.

lobby :

  • Fixed an issue where some assistance settings, such as automatic driving, could be changed or saved, even when Limited Driving Options was set to Prohibited

Missions and permits :

  • Fixed an issue where changed assistance settings would be saved in some events and would not return to default even after exiting the event

Tasks :

  • Fixed an issue where the wind direction and speed display for some events were set to 0.

Permits / Missions / Department :

  • Fixed an issue where the selected tires in the vehicle would not be equipped for certain events.

world circles :

  • Adjusted rewards for events within Global Circles based on driving time and difficulty.

GT Auto :

  • Fixed an issue where opening livery data from the Livery Open Design > Design List editor would cause all applied stickers to disappear
  • Fixed an issue where Livery Editor’s open designs and patterns could not be unlocked until the game was restarted if temporary data was deleted

garage :

  • Fixed an issue where an app error would occur, in rare cases, when purchasing cars in “Brand Central”, “Used Cars” and “Legend Cars” or when receiving a car as a prize

Physics simulation model :

  • The model has been modified to reduce the loss of grip when cars with high downforce are moving over the curb at their extremes.

else :

  • Fixed several issues where there was not enough free space for temporary data downloaded from the network:

・The used car collection is not displayed

News is not displayed on the title screen

・ Patterns cannot be applied

  • Several other issues have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where the stickers on the left front fender of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991) ’16 would not display while driving.

a Lots of fixesOf course, but it does not seem so Don’t make up for a misunderstandingAnd sometimes players who watched Maintenance go from a planned two hours of the 1.07 update to more than twenty-four hours of the 1.08 update that had less of a fix.

sources: Gran Turismo 7 Patch 1.07 and 1.08 Patchnote And Kazunori Yamauchi’s statement

Gran Turismo 7 is available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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