Screens, touch screens or not, tend to get dirty quickly. But to clean them, it is necessary to be extremely careful. Here’s how not to scratch your screens!

Screen the televisionWho is this digital board And many others are covered with fingerprints or dust residue. And then it has to be cleaned. However, not all methods are suitable since this type of surface gets scratched Easily.

How to clean your screens without scratching them?

Before cleaning your screen, start with dust for. To do this, take a clean cloth, ideally microfiber. Alternatively, a soft, dry cotton cloth will also work. A flat screen can stain: To clean it, prepare a mixture of water and white vinegar before soaking a clean cloth with just a few drops of this mixture. for you computer screenIf a soft, slightly damp cloth is not enough to rid the screen of fingerprints, you can add a little more Drops of white vinegar on the cloth (or cotton). Be careful not to press too hard on your screen, and above all not to scratch it, so as not to cause small scratches.

How do I clean my smartphone?

Our touch phone is systematically covered with fingerprints. In addition, when worn in the ear, it can precipitate Microbes on our cheeks. So it is essential to clean your screen regularly. To do this, get a file microfiber cloth Or a cloth to clean glasses. Make vertical and then horizontal motions to get rid of dust. next one, Gently dampen a clean, soft cloth with water To remove fingerprints. If you want to disinfect it: Bet on a disinfecting wipe or rag soaked in isopropanol. Finally, pass a microfiber cloth in small circles.

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