Elise Marie, after disqualifying C’Chartres Basket Féminin: “We could have done so much better…”

They had the pitch advantage, but when they arrived, it wasn’t the case. After being defeated twice at home by Olnoy, Chartreen prematurely left the playoffs, Wednesday night, from the quarter-finals. A real disappointment, especially as they dominated this support match for so long, before they let it go in the last minutes.

An hour after this brief season finale, Captain Elise Marie agreed to a debrief.

Hot, Elise, how does this exclusion leave you feeling?
The keyword tonight is frustration. It’s a match we can win, we have to win, and we get busy in the end. We didn’t know how to kill the match when we were up front, and it hurts…

Elimination of Chartres by Aulnoye

Benoit Martí raises some fevers in people’s heads. Did you feel it too?
It’s something that has been quite frequent in our last home matches, I think of Strasbourg or Nantes. The games we dominated quite easily in the fourth quarter, but each time the competitors came back to raise our doubts. And that’s what happened again tonight, unfortunately. At +6, we had the property to widen the gap and leave it away. It was difficult for them to return. There, 4 or 6 points are only 2 possessions, and in basketball, they can go fast.

When I have a 1.85m tall girl in front of me, and I have to find a 3D pointer, because I needed a 3D pointer, it’s not easy.

We saw that you miss a lot of the fairly simple things, including the free throws…
Yes, we had a lot of waste. I don’t really know where it came from, maybe from the mind, we ask ourselves 10,000 questions. Unfortunately, it was not necessary to ask them this evening. It’s something we can’t control. We missed simple things and that made it difficult for us. This gives the result…

Can you tell us about that last moment, where you missed a pass and then missed the ball on final possession?
There are facts about the game, I gave a lot of the match and I felt very tired. Then, at the last acquisition, fatigue should not be taken into account. We try to find the best shot. But now, when I have a 1.85m tall girl in front of me, and I have to find a 3D pointer, because I needed a 3D pointer, it’s not easy. Missed balls in the last minutes, probably due to a lack of clarity. In the famous lane, I want to give it to the Marines (Depot), I expect her to move, but she doesn’t. At this point in the game, it’s not the things that are planned in training, it’s the actions that happen like that. Finding a quick and well-targeted shot is not easy.

“I don’t want to exonerate myself, because in terms of the last property, managing them is my responsibility as captain and captain, but I think the match, we are not going to lose it at that moment.”

Have you thought about the clock on your latest acquisition?
Yes, I knew very well, but up front, the girl also knew that I was looking for a three-point shot and did not leave me a free space … I do not want to exonerate myself, because I am in the last possessions, my responsibility as captain and captain is to succeed in management, but I think That we will not lose the match at that moment. It’s frustrating for me, because I feel responsible for the last possession, and after that, I know we could have done a lot better for the rest of the game…

Two more years for Benoit Marty

If we had to take a quick look at the season, what would you remember?
It’s been a bumpy season, with quite a few injuries to start with. But we were able to overcome that thanks to our tenacity. Cohesion is really the positive point. We had a great season, in the group everything went well, including with our coaches. Unfortunately, we were frantic in some matches. But we also managed to put in very strong performances, beating Toulouse at home, and controlling Mondeville twice. We were able to beat everyone, which makes me say that we are already at the top of the standings. It’s frustrating to end up this way, but you also have to remember that our team is young. You learn in defeat, you have to keep that in the back of your mind and get back to work.

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