Chrism Mass: “The Earthly Priest is an Acquired Pagan”

During the Chrism Mass held in St. Peter’s Basilica on Thursday, April 14, when priests were called to renew their priestly vows, the Holy Father addressed priests around the world. He called them to keep their “eyes fixed on Christ,” and he especially alerted to three hidden idolatries, which could jeopardize their vocation as priests.

Claire Ryobi – Vatican

You are called ‘priests of the Lord’. You will be called ‘servants of our God’, […] Sincerely I will give them the reward, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them. “ The call of the prophet Isaiah, echoed in the April 14 readings, commemorates the covenant made between the Lord and each priest on the day of his ordination. “Being a priest, dear brothers, is a very great blessing, and it is not first of all a blessing for us, but a blessing for people”, Pope Francis said at the beginning of his homily during the Chrism Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

address him Dear Brother Priests, Those who today renew their priestly promises, the Supreme Pontiff called them to re-read this sacred covenant.with heart.” It is a call from the Lord to remain faithful to Him, “Let us love ourselves, and forgive ourselves, to serve God’s faithful people with a pure conscience.” Francois explains.

Let the Lord look upon our idols

Every priest is therefore called to develop the grace of contemplation of Christ, which is specific to the priesthood. “At the end of the day, it is good to look upon the Lord, and make Him look into our hearts, along with the hearts of the people we have met.” In this meditation, We also show him our temptations so that he can recognize and reject them. As we see, it is about understanding what pleases the Lord and what He wants from us here and now, in our present history, ” Expressed by Francis. The act of meditating leads to “Let the Lord look upon our hidden idols” And “It makes us strong against them and takes away their power.”“.

Francis warns of the ease with which hidden idols can gradually take the place of God, in the silence of everyone’s heart. “Even if we say to ourselves that we can fully distinguish what an idol is and who is God, we are in fact taking a space of the Trinity to give to Satan, in a kind of indirect adoration: the worship of the one who hides him, but he who constantly listens to his speeches and consumes his products, until there is nothing left In the end a little space for God ”, It warns.

The worship of hidden idols, a special danger to the pastors of the Church

Francis distinguishes three spaces of occult idolatry, in which the wicked uses his idols to deprive priests of their calling as priests. This is idolatryThey are gradually separated from the presence of Jesus, the Spirit and the FatherThe spiritual worldly, first of all consists in “A life proposition, culture, ephemeral culture, appearance culture, make-up.”

“An earthly priest is nothing but a believing pagan.”

This experience of glory without the cross is in contrast to the person of the Lord who is humbled in the incarnation and who, as evidence of the incongruity, is the only remedy against any idol. “An earthly priest is nothing but a believing pagan”, The Holy Father condemns, and every priest calls for it “Be poor with poor Christ.”

The pragmatism of numbers and the mentality of efficiency

The second idolatry condemned by Pope Francis takes precedence over the pragmatism of personalities. “Those who have this hidden idol are recognized by their love of statistic which can erase any personal dimension in the discussion and give priority to the majority, which eventually becomes the criterion of distinction,” Refers to Peter’s successor. This fascination with numbers actually reveals a search for oneself and a desire for control. However, every servant of Christ is called, on the contrary, to retreat, to leave the whole room to God.

Finally, Job, another idolatrous one that the Holy Father calls, lies in a mindset that does not tolerate ambiguity and aims for efficiency. Some priests lead to “Getting more excited about the roadmap of the trip‘, regrets François. Little by little, this idol replaces the presence of the Father in us, because the functional-minded Shepherd has his own food, his ego. “We leave the worship of the Father aside in the small and great things of our lives and enjoy the efficacy of our programmes.”

Not knowing how to detect these idols in daily life “It harms the fidelity of our priestly covenant and seduces our personal relationship with the Lord.”As Francois thinks. Thus the Supreme Pontiff calls every priest to ask Jesus Christ that his idols be revealed to him, that their roots and works appear, and that the Lord destroy them. “We must remember this, be attentive, lest the scales of these idols that we have been able to hide in the depths of our hearts will not return,” He concluded by entrusting the shepherds of the whole world to the intercession of Saint Joseph.

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