Basketball: ‘We’ve Lived Many Lives’, Ilan Aveyron coach Nicholas Flutes assesses the season

The Aveyronnaises Have Their Maintenance 3 Women National, Thanks to Final Success, Sunday, April 10th.

What do you remember from Elan Aveyron’s basketball season, which ended Sunday, April 10 at Laloubère with a win (61-37) synonymous with maintenance?

It was an intense and short season, with little to no weekend off, except when we were affected by the covid virus. We have lived many lives, with many injuries and in particular the rupture of the cruciate ligament of Mathilde Moist, in November, and Marine Terrall, in February. We also had Alizee Pelobidas injured at the start of the season, Clemence Capret out for three months… We had to rely on our resources, and call up an under-18 team who showed their ability to play.
The season wasn’t linear but we almost finished off the balance, with 10 wins and 12 losses. Our scenario, last-day confirmed maintenance on the last day, could suggest we’ve had a hard time between two doors, but that’s not the case. We are the eighth best among all N3 chickens. With 10 wins we would have finished 5th or 6th in almost all the other pools, but our group was pretty dense. Which proves that our maintenance is not overused.

When you say you’ve lived many lives, your season started poorly, with four defeats in the first four games against the leaders of your group (who all finished the season in the top five)…

During the 2019-2020 season, it was a bit the same. We had a bad chance on the calendar twice, with only high chances at the start. But we managed to get up. The match rocks, is the victory in Cogno, during the fifth day (54-47). Even if we lost the first matches, it didn’t matter in some of them, like our defeat to the bell at Grandfonds (45-42). We told ourselves that we did not go far, that it was possible to hang something. We had to have the mental strength, they have the strength.

Resilience is part of the group’s DNA.

Was this one of your main strengths?

There is a huge quality of resilience, it’s part of the group’s DNA. Even by injecting fresh blood, this is always the case, young and enlisted in this state of mind. We had the ability to get up every time we fell. We never completely lost the thread, even when it was a little tricky. We had a very good period in the game in December and early January, which was broken by Covid and injuries. For the end of the season we were in a thread, especially our victories against the Vaquiers (57-53) and Pau (58-57). It’s time for this to end…

Are the difficulties of the last encounters related to the fact that this is the first exercise to finish since 2019, after two seasons disrupted by Covid?

We completed a season in March, and another with just three matches… We had to get used to it again, and that’s why there was physical and mental damage.

“It was important to keep basketball for the first year of Elan Aveyron’s championship”

But that didn’t stop you from experiencing a favorable conclusion, to the first season of Elan Aveyron’s Basketball…

It was important to check maintenance for our first year with EAB. It took us years to build our momentum, everything that could have come to a halt after two years of covid. It shows we have a strong back.

You have a young group. Aside from the mental aspect, have you seen any progress throughout the season?

There were individual developments, sometimes difficult to see collectively, especially towards the end of the season when we were missing several executives. Both the recruits and the young men who joined us began to understand my style. I’m thinking in particular of Justine Goulignac (17), who was mainly with us to learn, in the beginning. She finished the season with the keys to the truck and had a great game on Sunday. This is the case of 18-year-old Ludivine Gamba. Although it wasn’t constant all the time, it brought us energy that woke everyone up.

“Currently, no departures have been recorded”

How will the team develop for the next season?

Over the next two weeks, we will be making time for one-on-one interviews with everyone. At the moment there is no official departure, but we are not safe from commuting, study or professional reasons. As for the recruiting, we’re no strangers to Post 1 with Marine Corps (Teral) and Mathilde (Moisette) casualties. We’ve been able to count on Justin (Golinak) and do some tweaks in the last games, but that can’t be carried over into one season. We will try to strengthen ourselves in other positions and even bring in coaches to rest some of the experienced players.

And you, are you back?

I continue the idea of ​​growing the team little by little. I just completed my third full season. There is a need to renew the rhetoric when you stay in office, but with the young, recruits, it forces me to evolve all the time.

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