What we know about the attack that left 23 wounded

Penalty kicks in the middle of rush hour. Tuesday, April 12 at 8:24 a.m., a man fired several times at subway commuters in Sunset Park in the Brooklyn area, after throwing smoke grenades there. The report showed 23 wounded, including ten shot. “We were really lucky because it couldn’t have been more serious”And New York Police Chief said during a press conference. Franceinfo relives what we know about this tragedy.

A masked man shot a passenger

While New York subway trains are packed, a man wears a gas mask “I opened two cans, allowing smoke to seep into the train.”mentioned Kishant Sewell, Ka city police chief. Then a number of passengers were shot as the train entered the 36th Street station.” In the Brooklyn neighborhood.

The suspect fired 33 shots into the subway. Investigators found the scene “9mm Glock pistol, three magazines, axe, unobtrusive IED, liquid believed to be gasoline.”Determines The New York Times (in English)along with a car key that allowed them to track an abandoned U-Haul American rental truck in Brooklyn.

Actually wanted, police described the shooter as “black man” measuring about 1 m 65, “heavy weight”wears green construction jacket Gray headpiece. On Twitter, the police chief relayed a call to witnesses.

Police also released photos of the individual who rented the van, without saying if he was the suspect. Authorities are offering a $50,000 reward for the shooter’s arrest, according to The New York Times.

On the video surveillance side, New York Democratic Mayor Eric Adams lamented that at least one security camera at the 36th Street subway station, where the shooting took place, was not working.

At least 23 people were injured

“It looked like it was planned. (…) We were stuck on the train. (…) There was a lot of blood on the floor”, he told a passenger on CNN. Amateur photos and videos showed pools of blood and people lying on the floor of a train, as well as on the platform of the subway station No. 36 in Sunset Park.

Said a passenger who was traveling on the train on the platform opposite to The New York TimesA young man was shot in the leg and was bleeding profusely. ‘He was so scared’Witness. The young man also told her that he first saw the shooter at the New Utrecht Avenue station, four stops before 36th Street.

New York police and firefighters said that of the 10 victims who were shot, five were in a critical but stable condition. The other thirteen were injured in the stampede to get out of the subway or from inhaling smoke. 36th Street and the 4th Avenue area were cordoned off around the subway station for most of Tuesday and many of the victims were treated immediately.

The police ruled out the impact of the terrorists

And even if the motives of the shooter are not yet known, the police, who opened an investigation, rejected the terrorist path. “No explosives were found in the metro and there is no open investigation into an act of terrorism.”Kishant Sewell said.

According to many media outlets, among them The New York TimesThe man who rented the van, Frank R. James, 62, has posted various videos on YouTube, in which he engages in long, and sometimes harsh, political speeches highly critical of the mayor of New York. “There have been posts that might be relevant to the person we care about, where he mentions homelessness, where he mentions New York, where he mentions Mayor Adams”The New York Police Chief confirmed.

After being elected in November on security promises, the Democratic mayor and former police officer, Eric Adams, announced in February that he wanted to boost security on the metro by evicting more than 1,000 homeless people who regularly shelter there, according to reports. The New York Times (in English). Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York has faced an increase in crime and the number of murders increased from 319 in 2019 to 488 in 2021.

Joe Biden praised the courage of civilians

We won’t leave him until we find the culprit.” The President of the United States, Joe Biden, promised to travel to Iowa. He also praised, on Twitter, “First Responders and Civilians Who Taken to Action”.

The day before, Joe Biden announced action against some of the firearms rife in the United States, which killed 45,000 people in the country in 2021, including suicides, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

For her part, New York State Governor Kathy Hoshol expressed her outrage. “We’re tired of reading the headlines about crime, whether it’s the shooting or the missing of a teenage or 13-year-old girl. It has to stop.” She fired, referring to the many new victims, including children, of gunfire or stray bullets.

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