Two of the defendants said they acted out of solidarity and friendship

Among the 15 defendants on trial for commercial abuse of influence, unlawful appropriation of interests or concealment of property, within the urban community of South Basse-Terre, between 2010 and 2017, are two mediators: Brice Bailey and Eric Laquetin. It was their turn to be heard on Tuesday.

This Tuesday, April 12, 2022, is the third day of the so-called “CASBT Trial”, of various active abuses of influence, unlawful appropriation of interests or concealment of presumed property, between 2010 and 2017, within the Southern Underground conglomerate. The congregation, now called the “Greater Southern Caribbean”.

At the head of the day, among the 15 accused to be heard, are two mediators: Bryce Bailey and Eric Laquiten.

One element recurs: Fred Madeenkotti evidently had many friends in the southern Bas-Terre, especially among the directors of construction and public works companies.

So it is all friendship that the latter, starting with Bryce Bailey, the director of Philly Green, offered him airline tickets, building materials to renovate his house, and even loaned workers free to carry out the said works. And finally, some envelopes containing cash.

But, “Why not help Fred Madeenkotti with your own money, instead of going through your company?‘ asks Basse-Terre’s attorney general, Xavier Sicot.

This allowed me to take advantage of the discounts my company obtained with some suppliers‘ answers Bryce Bailey.

But beyond friendship, Fred Madeenkotti is also Director General of Services (DGS) at CASBT, recalls Xavier Sicot, who emphasizes “A very curious mix of genres“.

It might be confusing, the “Feelin Green” director admitted, but I don’t feel like I took advantage of the situation. But the man is being tried for active influence peddling.

female lawyer artistic work To minimize Bryce Bailey’s involvement in this case:

We are still on a small island, so we necessarily form friendships, or in any case very close relationships.

I’m Christophe Samper, Bryce Bailey’s attorney

I’m Christophe Samper, attorney for Bryce Bailey.

© Eric Stimpfling – Guadeloupe I

criticism of Eric Laketten is the same. Lucette Michaux-Chevry’s former personal chauffeur explained at the pub that he attended several meetings between the former president of the Sud-Basse-Terre urban community and CEO, Fred Madinécouty.

I was sitting in the corner listening to what was being said. I informed my brother and nephew, who both have a construction company in Görber, but I didn’t care about the rest.“, It is to explain.

I also took care of paying bills, even fake bills’, confirmed the presiding judge, reading the phone’s objections.

not at all!‘ replied the regional agent, now assigned to the postal service,I was just doing my family a favor“.

According to Maitrey Roland Eislin, Eric Laketten, whose morals andhonesty, He was not aware that these acts could constitute a criminal offense:

We think that we can ask someone for help, to get a settlement fairly quickly, without realizing that this may, at some point, constitute a criminal offense (…). Jurisprudence is what it is: All you have to do is step in with someone who has the power to step in to move the case forward and you’re at the crime my client is accused of.

I’m Roland Ezelin, Eric Laquitaine’s attorney

I’m Roland Ezelin, Eric Laquitaine’s attorney

© Eric Stimpfling – Guadeloupe I

to listen to Defendants and their advocates, this Tuesday, kindness and altruism were essential qualities to work with her and at CASBT.

But that forgets, a little too quickly, that all this has cost South Basse-Terre taxpayers dearly.

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