New York subway shooting: What we know about the shooting that left 23 injured

New York police on Tuesday chased after a man wearing a protective mask who wreaked havoc on the subway during the morning rush hour by detonating two smoke canisters before the shooting, injuring 23 people, ten of whom were shot.

“We were really lucky it didn’t get any more serious,” NYPD Chief Kishant Sewell said, summing up the authorities’ relief after the attack in which the suspect fired 33 shots into the subway – still on the run 12 hours after the shooting.

What happened ?

At 08:24 (12:24 GMT), at a time when metro trains in the metropolis were crowded, the person wearing a gas mask “opened two packages that allowed smoke to escape on the train. Then he shot a number that the passengers were,” Kishant Sewell said. They entered the 36th Street station in South Brooklyn.

Pictures and videos of amateurs showed pools of blood and people lying on the floor of a train as well as on the station platform.

What are the casualties from the attack?

Among the victims, none of whom were in mortal danger according to police, ten were shot and 13 others were injured in a stampede to get out of the metro or from smoke inhalation.

On the subway, “I saw a cloud of smoke, I saw people in a mess, lying on the floor, three people on the floor. Immediately, I told myself we had to leave,” a Brooklyn resident who works there, told AFP. Threestan Ralph, 34.

According to one passenger, Yv Montano, speaking on CNN, “a smoke bomb…a bomb went off, I’d say two minutes before we got to the station.” “It looked like a plan (…). We were stuck on the train (…) There was a lot of blood on the floor,” the man added.

What about the alleged perpetrator?

Police described the suspect as a “black man” who was 1.65 meters tall, “heavyweight” and wore a “green and orange construction jacket” and a gray hoodie.

At the scene, investigators found a pistol and three magazines, as well as the car key that allowed them to return to a truck from US rental company U-Haul, which had recently been leased and left in Brooklyn.

What do we know about him?

Police provided the description and distributed photographs of the individual who rented the van, without saying if he was the suspect.

According to several media outlets, this man, Frank James, 62, has posted various videos on Youtube where he gives long, sometimes malicious political speeches, criticizing New York Mayor Eric Adams.

The NYPD chief confirmed, “There have been posts that may be relevant to the person we care about, where he mentions homelessness, where he mentions New York, where he mentions Mayor Adams.”

How did Joe Biden react?

“We won’t leave him until we find the culprit,” President Joe Biden promised during his visit to Iowa. On Monday, Joe Biden announced measures against some of the firearms rife in the United States that killed 45,000 people in the United States in 2021, including suicides, according to the Gun Violence Archive. An epidemic, according to the White House.

Did the mayor of New York take action?

Tuesday’s attack came as New York has faced a spike in crime rates since the COVID-19 pandemic, with the number of murders rising from 319 in 2019 to 488 in 2021, although the annual number is still well below 2,000 per year. Recorded in the early nineties.

Elected in November on security promises, Democratic mayor and former police officer Eric Adams launched a plan to combat the proliferation of firearms in January, after two police officers were shot dead during an intervention. But other dramas about firearms often grab the headlines.

“We’re tired of reading the headlines about crime, whether it’s the shooting or the missing of a teenage girl or a 13-year-old. This has to stop,” the governor said. About New York State Cathy Hochhol, referring to the many new victims – including children – of gunfire or stray bullets.

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