In the divisional challenge, a young man from the Pays de la Risle Basketball Club takes first place

Ana Sameen wins best result in the U11 Challenge in Argentan © DR

floor André-Jidouard Room in Argentan (Orne) He saw fifty-seven competitors from Orni’s entire section, for the first day of the U11 Challenge. Among the clubs, that Pays de la Risle Basket Club.

Taste prepares and prepares the future for the under-13s to challenge Benjamin in 1-2 years. The challenge is conducted over four events. He finished in a small four-on-four tournament.

The tests are:

Test #1: Score as many free throws as you can in 45 seconds

Test #2: Dribbling, Accurate Passing, Left Hand Shot and Right Hand Shot

Test #3: Cross start of left-handed shooting and right-handed shooting

Test No. 4: Rapid fire on different areas in forty-five seconds.

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A delegation of six U10-U11 youth, accompanied and exceptional leadership, left for the day David GandiniAnd Vice President and Team Manager of the Pays de la Risle Basketball Club.

Under a beautiful sun found and smiling, she announced a beautiful moment. This Challenge Day began, first, with receiving competitors and registering them for Olympic status. After a warm-up round in all the workshops, the groups were divided into girls and boys. The first of its kind in the club’s U11 school basketball. Horn sounds, trials begin.

Today their team manager accompanies them in each event as close to each player as possible to get the best possible result. After all these events, a four-on-four tournament is held with the aim of facing other players from other clubs and having fun.

At the end of the day, results come.

By boosting Ana and Victoire, I knew there was something exciting to look out for. But with large women’s schools with La Verte, Alenson and Plug Argentina, we started from a very far distance.

David GandiniVice President and Team Manager of the Pays de la Risle Basketball Club

The women’s results start in third and second place with players from La Verte without much surprise. The audience expected the presence of a trio of verturtis. However, the first place is the beautiful surprise I’m Same From the Baie de la Russel Basket club. Little Aiglonne gets the best score with thirty-four points.

It was warmly welcomed by all the participants, all supervisors and parents present in the exhibition. Anna Sameen received a well-deserved honor for the day from her vice president, and she’s so happy to perform her little nugget that day.

All basketball school results

Two girls make it to the top five out of sixteen players with first place for Anna Samin with thirty-four points and fifth for Victoire Cappelle with twenty-seven points. The boy is part of the top 15 out of 41 players with Gabriel Poisson 15th with 23 points. Then, in the twentieth place, Leandre Coppins took twenty points. Rodrigo Silva Oliveira is ranked 32And With fourteen points, Nerio Bonhomme finished just behind him with thirteen points.

IM so happy. On the girls’ side, we did more than we expected, and on the boys’ side, for the first time, we achieved more than honorable results.

David GandiniVice President and Team Manager of the Pays de la Risle Basketball Club

He says he took the time to talk well to everyone, “to relieve their redundant pressure, so that they gain self-confidence. They just had to repeat their training ranges with their coaches during the year.”

“During the warm-ups, I was very close to them. We didn’t part. I had put like a protective bubble on our group back in the day, carrying them around like my family. To get them in the best mood, I ran between the boys and girls at each event. I gave them instructions and encouraged them.”

The team manager knew that by imparting the most affection to them, they would outdo themselves. There is still a lot of work to be done and we can improve our results. I hope there will be a podium for girls and there will be a top 10 for boys. I am the happiest. »

David Gandini takes the opportunity to thank everyone: “Thank you to our coaches, Agnes and Gail. Thank you to the parents for trusting me on this day. Thank you to the players from the PLA who completed the girls’ team.”

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