In Guéret (Creuse), an integration project gives a second life to old computers

It is quite possible to combine environmental responsibility with professional integration. Co’Ordi, based in Guéret, is proof of this. Since September 1, this integration project has chosen to train people on the basis of computer recycling.

The principle is simple: This Creuse Reception Committee integration project takes care of recovering old or damaged computers or phones from individuals, businesses or organizations.

the following ? It occurs in several stages. Eight employees in training take care of its dismantling and refurbishment to give them a second life.

A project that serves noble causes

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These computers are then redistributed to people in need. “This is aimed at people who benefit from the social minimum and people who are disadvantaged. The price is then set according to the needs and incomes of each person”, defines Bruno Nicot, Integration Project Coordinator. The device is subject to home installation and can be paired with an auxiliary tool if necessary. In addition, Co’Ordi wants to fight the digital divide and for the environment.

Simon, 21, has been one of his employees since October. “Previously, I worked in sales, but I didn’t like it. I didn’t go until the end of my degree. Then he did odd jobs before getting to know about creating this integration project.” I got into it and since then I’ve been in training. Giving new life to these computers, these phones, tinkering with them… I finally found an environment I love…”

lack of vision

Since its opening, Bruno Nico admits, “We’ve been lacking in vision.” Some companies such as Atulam in Jarnages still do business with Co’Ordi. The partnership between these structures is essential not only for the sustainability of the site, but also to ensure immersion and participation in the internal training of employees. “The purpose of this type of entity is of course training people. But there is also work on the professional project and immersion.”

Bruno Nicot insists, “At the end of this training, these people are able to integrate into the world of work.” And make no mistake about it, which the integration site says does not mean renewal at a discount.

A new opportunity for men and machines

Moreover, the atmosphere in the workshop is meaningful. Grégory, another employee, is busy checking the computer tower’s peripherals. It follows the process, which we learned earlier, literally. “We have a sheet that shows us the steps to follow. At each stage, a box and we move on to the next stage,” explains the former resident of Ile-de-France. While pursuing his mission, this Neo-Creusois admits that he has always been very interested in computers. “I used to work in administration and accounting before. It changed everything, the city and of course!”

Finally, Co’Ordi has chosen to give everyone a chance: a second for donor computers and a chance to integrate and integrate with the people who choose to train in their structure.

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Do you have redundant, obsolete or damaged computers? Co’Ordi can take it back. Contact:; 14 bis Pasteur Street, Jira.

Leo Candace

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