How do you put together your gaming PC? Component selection and complete assembly

You have a computer to play with, but Is your computer struggling to play the latest resource-intensive titles? Instead of buying a brand new bike and having the same problem a few years from now, it might be time to put your gaming PC together.

In addition to offering a high level of customization, this option gives you Flexibility that lasts on your device. Follow our recommendations, and you’ll know how Build a war computer that holds up.

What level of performance should you expect from your gaming PC?

Before considering the different components that will integrate the installation, it is essential to ask yourself a question about your personal expectations in terms of performance. Do you at any cost Keep up with changing trends and enjoy the latest titles with an instant level of comfort ? Or do you want to play some well-defined and Build your machine according to its own peculiarities ?

Depending on what corresponds to your application, the cost of assembly will not be equal, since the most high-quality components are also the most expensive.

One thing is for sure: Whatever you choose, you will have to start from scratch to assemble your PC.

What to watch first before assembling your computer?

The Hardware components It is the engine of your gaming machine. They determine its available resources, which include:

  • his speed
  • her response
  • refresh rate
  • The number of applications you can run simultaneously (eg game and video recording software).

Essential to powering your computer, hmm Define your capabilities and limitations as a user.

Complementary to various peripherals needed for gaming comfort (TV screenAnd gaming keyboardAnd gaming mousegaming headset)these hardware components are indispensable and require analysis for each of them, starting with Motherboard.

Choose a motherboard

The motherboard is the most important component of your installation, because It works on many aspects related to performance. Thus, it is she who will determine the dimensions of your computer and the other components that you will choose for your computer. So this is a critical point since then Your motherboard should be able to deliver the performance you expect from your device.

Since the motherboard supplies the processor with electricity, it must be able to provide it with the power it needs to function properly. The motherboard also determines Memory technology (DDR4, DDR3, or DDR2) that you can use, and may limit the number of units that can be installed. This can affect the frequency and efficiency of the processor.

Finally, the motherboard also builds The type of USB flash drive that can be installedboth in terms of format (2.5″, mSATA or m.2) and interface (SATA or PCle).

If you are interested in online multiplayer games, we can advise you AMD B550 motherboard from ASUS. Pieces for parties with multiple people, it contains advanced connection and Complete cooling system.

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ASUS TUF Gaming B550 Plus motherboard Amazon

Otherwise, you can also set your sights on the gaming motherboard MAG B560 torpedo from MSI. Equipped with the latest Intel chipset, it will meet all your performance expectations.

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MSI MAG B560 Torpedo Motherboard Amazon

Processor selection

The processor is the other essential component of your computer, and it should be Compatible with motherboard which you have chosen. Memory and storage is directly fed by it, which is Controls all data transfers that occur in the computer.

When searching for the processor of your choice, pay attention to its frequency (expressed in gigahertz or gigahertz). The higher this value, the faster the processor. This feature is important if you plan on doing so overclock your computer, as its frequency will increase. Overclocking speeds up the clock cycles of the processor so that it processes data faster.

In such a case, you will need to look for a suitable heat sink so that high processor temperatures do not negatively affect your system.

In terms of selection, we advise you to look closely at AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Processor. It gives you all the speed and convenience you deserve during your sessions.

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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Processor Amazon

On the competition side, Intel should not be outdone 16-core processor designed for overclocking. Amateur notice!

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Intel Core i9-12900 K Amazon

Memory selection (RAM)

Memory provides the processor and graphics card with the resources they need to function properly. The more gigabytes of memory you have, the larger your system will be It will be fast, smooth and clean to support high tires.

Adding RAM is one of the fastest, easiest and most affordable ways to improve the performance of your gaming PC. Regardless of your budget, getting the maximum amount of memory is an essential step in building your own PC.

With 16GB memory and DDR4 memory technology, LPX’s Revenge of a Pirate It allows you to enjoy extremely high bandwidth while consuming little power. In addition, Easily adapts to small boxes and makes overclocking more smooth.

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Pirate Revenge LPX Amazon

Graphics Card Selection

To achieve a high level of performance on your computer, you must provide it with resources in line with your expectations. Creating graphics with a lot of detail requires a large amount of memory to process.

If you are looking for an ultra-realistic rendering that only a high-end graphics card can offer, Make sure you give it the power it needs to run optimally: a powerful processor, maximum RAM, and a decent screen.

If you want to know more about graphics cards, you can also refer to our dedicated guide. It will help you make the best choice.

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Amazon

Storage selection

There are two viable options for storing a gaming computer: either a hard drive or a hard drive. Hard disk drives generally provide more storage space, although the capacity of SSDs continues to grow.

Solid state drives consist of electrical cells that receive and send data, Allowing you to start up your computer and save and transfer files faster while using 90% less electricity. SSDs are also more durable due to the lack of moving parts.

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Samsung 980 SSD (1 TB Storage) Amazon

Status selection

Choosing a case for your gaming PC isn’t just a matter of design. If you’re going to run your components faster than the manufacturer’s specifications (by overclocking), system temperatures will likely exceed average values. In this case, make sure there is enough space for Incorporating chassis fans that will allow you to extend the life of your components.

In fact, if your device is designed for a high level of performance, it will consume more electricity and therefore more likely to generate more heat. Your computer will need a strong air flow to expel it from the case. This is why it is necessary Look at the airflow provided by the case before your choice.

Most players install two fans: one to blow cold air into the computer and one to exhaust the hot air.

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Pure Wings Fan 2 Amazon

Choose the power source

Make sure that your power supply provides enough power for your computer to work as expected. This step is very important if you are building a high performance PC. However, you will need to adjust the flow of the cooling system according to the power of your device.

Our tips for assembling your gaming PC

Do you have all the components available to build a competitive computer? This is perfect. Mounting and assembling the various parts are by no means complicated operations, but you are not immune from making mistakes.

To install the processor, power supply and motherboard, it is very simple: Consult the user manual for each component.

The motherboard has memory slots, into which you can insert your RAM. Hold the memory modules from the edge to Avoid touching the golden pins. Align the slot on the unit with the mark in the slot, then Press firmly until you hear a clicking sound. When pressing down, press firmly to securely hold the memory module.

Ready, put…play!

Did you assemble your system?

So, it’s time to hit the ignition button! If everything is working properly, screen allowing you to access the BIOS (the chip on the motherboard) Will appear. If you have an operating system disk or USB key (Windows, macOS), insert the medium into the computer, then boot to start the installation.

Then all you have to do is have fun. Congratulation !

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