Extremist man sentenced to life imprisonment

A young supporter of the Islamic State was sentenced, Wednesday, April 13, to life imprisonment without the possibility of release, for the assassination of British MP David Amis. The death of this Conservative Party member, a veteran of the House of Commons, who has been elected without interruption since 1983 in Essex (East London), has caused very strong feelings in the United Kingdom, where Parliament remains the base of democracy.

Sentencing of Ali Harbi Ali, 26, Nigel Sweeney, a judge at London’s Old Bailey Criminal Court, said he did not have ” No doubt “ on the need to take him to life in prison – a sentence extremely rare in the UK – for the knife-wielding murder of an elected during Parliament, on 15 October. “This is an assassination that struck the heart of our democracy.”Mr. Sweeney said.

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“act of revenge”

Attorney General Tom Little has indicated that Mr. Ames’ murder was a crime “An act of revenge”Premeditation “long time” Influencing an elected official in the performance of his mission.

Ali Harbi Ali, who was born and raised in London to a family of Somali descent, was convicted on Monday of murder and preparation for terrorist acts. The young man has pleaded not guilty, but announced last week at the hearing that he had targeted the 69-year-old elected official because the latter voted in favor of air strikes in Syria.

Frustrated at not going to fight in Syria himself with ISIS, the accused told himself he had to “Try to do something here to help the Muslims there”.

The attack took place while Mr Ames was receiving his constituents at a Methodist church in Les-on-Sea, 60km east of London. The elected governor had been stabbed twenty times.

His assistant Julie Cashon said in a statement that she can’t “Don’t forget to cry” From his colleague Barbara at the time of the attack. As described appearance “Bliss and complacency” For the aggressor after the tragedy. “It breaks our hearts to know that our husband and father had to greet the killer with a friendly smile.”David Amis’ family said in a statement.

The shock of the assassination of Jo Cox was renewed

The death of David Amis, elected since 1983, relived the trauma of the assassination of Labor-elect Jo Cox in June 2016. The 41-year-old MP was killed by multiple gunshots and stab wounds a week before the British referendum on membership. from the European Union.

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These two grievances have prompted calls for enhanced security for elected officials and quelled political debate in recent years, particularly since the exchanges over Brexit.

According to British media, Ali Harbi Ali had briefly completed a program to combat extremism, without being considered vulnerable by the security services. In addition to the life sentence handed to him for the murder of David Amis, he was also sentenced to life imprisonment for “preparing terrorist acts”.

He had considered killing other MPs and walked around Parliament armed with a knife last summer. He has conducted research on a number of elected officials and visited several times near the home of Secretary Michael Gove. Ali Harbi Ali was arrested a few minutes after the tragedy by two policemen armed with batons and only tear gas.

The UK has seen many jihadist knife attacks in recent years, some of which have been announced by the Islamic State group. No allegations have been made public since Mr. Ames’ death.

A month after Mr Ames’ death and the day after a taxi exploded in front of a hospital in Liverpool (Northern England), which police considered an attack, the government had indicated ” Dangerous “ The level of the terrorist threat on British soil. It has since been demoted to ” Importance “.

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Le Monde and Agence France-Presse

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