Dying Light 2 preview: Bigger, deeper, more narrative?

preview Dying Light 2: Bigger, Deeper, More Narrative?

With nearly 7 years of existence, millions of players touched and a somewhat perfect follow up from Techland, Dying Light finally looks ready to welcome a sequel. On February 4, Dying Light 2: Stay Human will be released, and we finally got our hands on it for about 4 hours. Here are our first impressions.

Our video preview of the game

PS4 Pro version

Our preview session took place on PC. But we were lucky enough to see the PS4 Pro version in action, which looked very smooth and honorable. We weren’t able to capture or view any screenshots from the game, but things are reassuring for now. Admittedly, the rendering wasn’t as accurate as on PC, everything was a bit blurry, but the experience looked smooth and enjoyable. We’ll have to see if that will be confirmed over time, and if the FAT versions for consoles probably won’t be the best ways to play DL 2, we have high hopes that the game will be decent. But be warned, you always have to take the tweezers and wait for the final versions to see what it’s really about. Because if technically the game, even on PC, isn’t as impressive as we’d hope, the experience was smooth and the details numerous, probably too much for older hardware. A little patience then.

To put our preview in context, know that our game session has been split into two phases. We first went through a part of the game that was about 4 hours away from the start, then more advanced saves allowed us to experience the enhanced verticality of Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Because in fact, basically, the game hasn’t really changed. Thus, you are always in the heart of the apocalypse that has turned a large part of the population into infected, and you, Aiden, are in the heart of this universe where danger lurks on every street corner. Our play session told us how our protagonist searches for his recently missing little sister, during the events that take place years after the first episode. During his interrogation, he unfortunately clashed with the local faction and signed an agreement with one of them: if he could lift the veil over the murder of a senior official in the faction, the latter would give him the keys to another part of the faction. The city, where his sister is supposed to.

More talkative and flexible

This was an opportunity to see that in fact, according to what was announced, a certain emphasis was placed on the narrative. From now on, a large number of people will have things to say to you, questions to tell you. The safe areas, comprising the different factions of the game, are full of different characters and for the most part well polished. In just a few minutes we already had a well-stocked quest log and it seemed like we had paid special attention to the main quest, but also to the side quests. The few that took time to complete mostly had stair progression and all of them knew how to change the stages of play. Puzzle, combat, parkour, investigation … many game series combined in one mission: in other words, we did not get bored there. The future will tell us whether the observation will be the same over time or if the backup is calibrated to reveal us the best, but in any case, as it is, the various goals encountered were very exciting. Also note that small sessions of physics-based puzzles are scattered throughout the game. The game we encountered asked us to connect electrical cables of limited size to a remote generator. So it was necessary to show the observation to see which way our wire is directed to its target, using the physics of decoration or even parkour. This results in an original and slightly more confusing gameplay sequence, which contrasts with the entire adventure. Let’s hope Techland knows how to multiply these small sequences in the long run.

Dying Light 2: Bigger, Deeper, More Narrative?

Alas, it is difficult to decide on the main task, since right after landing in a somewhat advanced part with a parachute, it is difficult to really worry about the comments made by the heroes that you usually encounter before, or even to really understand all the problems .. However.. The narrative also seemed to us to be of very high quality, and in fact, Dying Light 2 is part of what is now almost constant in the big games: there will be choices and consequences. Through multiple choice dialogues, you will be able to decide the fate of any individual, as sometimes you get a countdown. Will you punish the traitors or decide it is better to spare them? So many choices we face regularly, and if, of course, it was not easy in one sitting to measure the effect of our choices on the course of the story, it seemed to us that yes, those we would really count.

Dying Light 2: Bigger, Deeper, More Narrative?

But the choices don’t stop there, and if you follow the game’s outreach campaign, you’ll know that your choices can even affect what the city looks like. Effectively, the Dying Light 2 stadium, from what we saw of it, is divided into two factions. You will be able, in certain branches of the main task, to choose which ones you will work for. By reactivating, for example, a tower that manages the area’s water supply, you can switch it under the control of one faction or another. With your choice, you will unlock different game elements that allow you to facilitate your progress in the city. Thus, one of the factions will allow the city to be marked with car bombs, which you can detonate at will, or another team will open zip lines to make crossing the heights of the game easier and faster. The recipe seems to work well and the fact of an oath of allegiance to one group or another will have a real impact on the architecture of the city. Of course, things shouldn’t be set in stone, and just because you gave one faction a strategic building doesn’t mean you can’t give the next to another.

More profound than before?

In terms of gameplay, Dying Light 2 has kept and enhanced the basics of the original game. In short, you will always have this very well-functioning parkour system that allows you to cling to all the visible supports in your environment. Once mastered, it is possible to make amazing crosses by jumping from one wall to another, leaning on a ledge to better start running towards the next obstacle. Parkour is really strong in the original game, it’s even more in depth than before and we feel our hero’s body better during the movements. The same applies to combat, mostly hand-to-hand, which is improved with new moves that can be combined with parkour. So it is a safe bet that once a certain level of mastery is reached, iIt will be possible to achieve amazing combos, as you unlock additional skills by gaining experience. The city in any case is a vast playground, where every visible element can serve your rise and progress. Note that crafting dimensions and weapon customization will always be available, in line with Dying Light, first name: so you can design health combos, or even customize electrical effects for your favorite weapon for little to no equipment needed. .

Another novelty, Dying Light 2 integrates Paravoile, which allows you to pass long distances if you take some airways. This paratrooper is nice to handle, bringing a new exploit of verticality to the game, knowing we were able to try it out in an area full of skyscrapers. Combined with our hero’s agility on foot, this novelty brings a lot of freshness to Aiden’s movements and should be very practical to quickly reach remote points at high places.

Naturally, like its predecessor, Dying Light 2 is based on a day/night cycle that changes the mechanics of the game.. Thus, the streets are partly safe during the day, as the infected have taken refuge in homes. This is the perfect time to explore the heights and take on the quests you find there. But when the sun goes down, the infected leave the buildings and take over the streets. Significantly stronger enemies can then be faced and other activities and missions will be unlocked. Some missions or areas can only be accessed after dark. So sometimes it will be necessary to plan your excursions as much as possible to see if you want to visit the city in broad daylight or if you prefer to risk yourself at night. Also note that in the game, all people are injured and darkness has the effect of undermining your immunity. Thus, during your night roaming, the countdown is triggered and as soon as it ends, the infection will take over you. So it will be necessary to find sources of ultraviolet rays scattered throughout the city and design syringes that allow you to extend the countdown time. It will be necessary to ensure that these new restrictions will not be too penalizing during nighttime play, which unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to exploit as much as we would have liked throughout our session.

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Our impressions

Dying Light 2 Stay Human takes the basics of its predecessor and has endeavored to push it even further to modernize it. More open world, more storytelling, more options, more variety of gameplay… The Techland title has to live up to the expectations placed upon it, if what we’ve seen from 4 hours of gameplay is the end product. Dying Light 2 still lacks a bit of originality and technical tweaks, which will undoubtedly be a hit with luck (up to 4 players). Would it be redundant in single mode, given the obvious huge content that he would therefore have to figure out how to renew himself? We’ll know when the title comes out next February.

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