Basketball/National 2: A totally crazy ending to the season for Agen Marmande and Le Garonne

Even if BB Marmande takes the lead by winning the derby, the suspense remains at a totally crazy end to the season. ABC, currently fourth, wants to take part in this celebration.

They rejoice in everything. They sing to lose their voice. The Coliseum Pascal-Labruch in Beaupuy caught fire last Saturday after the derby with a Hitchcockian script. But, 40 minutes later, backed by Eddie Steiner’s concert, BB Marmande took charge of GAB. Success allows “Blue and White” to take second place in this group B with 40 points. Primarily, it would be for Pornic, and it held snugly in this position with a three-module slot.

On the other hand, GAB indicates third place with a small exchange point on BBM (39 points). As a result, three days before the end of this 2021-2022 fiscal year, nothing has been reported. And to add a bit of craziness, he also counted on ABC which is in fourth place with 38 points.
This accounting mode lays the groundwork for a totally insane three days to finally locate No. 2, a mode that opens up to the playoffs, so consider moving to N1.

crazy calendar

On paper, the situation is simple. In the courts, it promises to be more complex. To understand you only need to look at the program of the various heroes.

The data is simple. If BBM wins these last three matches, it will qualify for the French Championship quarter-finals. But, at the slightest misstep, GAB will be in an ambush.
En effet, les garçons du president Serge Casagrande ont un calendrier bien plus favorable avec les réceptions de Niort (le 30 avril) et de Villeneuve-sur-Lot qui est déjà condamné à la relégation en Nationale pour 3 (le 14 mai de clô the classroom). Between the two, it will be the last trip to Rezé Nantes. Again in yellow and blue reach. 3/3 is possible at scale.
At the same time, the Marmandais will travel to Osh (April 30). Which won’t be a picnic before hosting Stade Montois (not yet sure of its maintenance and which will throw all its troops into battle), on May 7. Next, BBM will have to challenge Laval. A very complex and very powerful software that can forecast the balance sheet.

complicated factor too

Fourth place with 38 points, Agen wants to continue to surprise. However, Fred Rocco’s boys also have a complicated schedule. One thing is for sure, they won’t be able to finish this tournament without fifth place. Who would have bet at the beginning of the year? As of April 30, all this can be clarified. They will challenge Laval, with whom they will turn back. Mayen’s victory and fourth place will be reinforced. Then, on May 7, they will receive Villeneuve-sur-Lot for the “last” of the season at the stadium. Enough to get into a good dynamic before going to Pornic in Loire-Atlantique. A leader who is keen to prepare for his final stages. But the impossible is not for Agnes this year. ABC intends to play the troublemakers until the last minute. What do we love about basketball the most in this context?
On the other hand, this exercise for Villeneuve BC turned into a nightmare, since so short, the “Green and White” could not save their heads. Next season, they will work in N3

Playoff, instructions

The first two of the four N2 groups qualify for these final stages of the French Championship. The lottery determines the opponents in the quarter-finals. The team that ranked second in the group will face the team that finished first, knowing that the clubs that played in the same group cannot compete.
It would be the best of three groups. The first meeting will take place in the second assembly room, the return leg in the first as well as possible.

In Group A, Heyer (44 points, 21 wins) secures first place. There are still four teams in the second ticket race.

In group B, Pornic (43 points, 20 wins) will be first in group.

In Group C, Loon-Plage (43 points, 19 wins) is still under threat from Berck who is two points behind. Unless Poissy comes to join the fight for the second ticket.

Finally, in Group D, Eveil Recy (41 points, 18 wins) could no longer be included in first place. In the back, they are still seven to hope to snatch that second spot.
So BB Marmande or GAB already knows some of their potential opponents in the quarter-finals. It will be Heyer and Evel Reese. And definitely a plage color.

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