Basketball: Boston – Brooklyn and Memphis – Minnesota in the list of NBA games


The Nets and the Timberwolves qualified for the playoffs on Tuesday, while Clint Kabila’s Atlanta will have their first chance to do so on Wednesday against Charlotte.

Brooklyn (in black) will play the playoffs, Cleveland the playoffs.

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The Brooklyn Nets and Minnesota Timberwolves, successive winners of the Cleveland Cavaliers (115-108) and Los Angeles Clippers (109-104), on Tuesday qualified in the playoffs to the NBA playoffs, where they will initially rally around the Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies .

A favourite, Brooklyn was able to count on Kevin Durant and Keri Irving, 59 cumulative points. But the meeting we thought folded at the end of the first quarter (40-20), was finally made inconclusive by the Cavs. “We had our ups and downs, but stuck together, we were resilient. We feel good, even if we know the work isn’t done,” commented Keri Irving (34 points, 12 assists).

The captain, who has long been denied basketball this season due to his refusal to vaccinate against Covid, flew over the debates in the first period until he was still 100% successful in shooting (9/9, 12/15 at the end) after his basket at the bell, before the break (57-43).

Eastern Conference/Playoff 1: Brooklyn Beats Cleveland 115-108

Western Conference / Dam 1: Minnesota Los Angeles Clippers beats 109-104

Miami (No. 1) – SD Winner 3 (No. 8)

Boston (No. 2) – Brooklyn (No. 7)

Milwaukee (No. 3) – Chicago (No. 6)

Philadelphia (No. 4) – Toronto (No. 5)

Western Conference playoff

Phoenix (Seeded No. 1) – KNW 3 (No. 8)

Memphis (No. 2) – Minnesota (No. 7)

Golden State (No. 3) – Denver (No. 6)

Dallas (No. 4) – Utah (No. 5)

Cleveland gradually returned to the game six points behind the Nets twice in the fourth quarter thanks to Darius Garland (32 points) and Evan Mobley (17 points). Kevin Durant (25 points, 11 assists, 3 blocks, 2 interceptions) then adapted that zeal, planting important bands. Behind the arc after the first close, then twice at the mid-range after the second.

a moment of silence

But the Cavaliers were back to -5 in the last minute. And this time “KD” and Kyrie found teammates to score, before maintaining the free-throw gap to themselves. “Our group has remained confident the whole time. We have plenty of room for improvement. Individual and team” Positive Coach Steve Nash.

The audience at Barclays Center was relieved to see his team in the playoff, where he showed joy, because the emotion was still evident, after the attack that occurred in the morning on the subway near Brooklyn, in which a man opened fire, injuring 23, including Ten bullets. Silence remained before the match.

The Nets will have a tough time facing the Celtics of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, the authors of the second half of the regular season, going from ninth to second place in four months.

For Cleveland, there is still hope that the playoffs will be suspended. That would require a home win on Friday over the winner of the play-off between Atlanta and Charlotte. With the first round on the horizon against Miami.

viscous parquet

In the West, there was electricity in the air between wolves and clippers, with occasional frontier contact, Patrick Beverly and Marcus Morris excelling in their infamous ability to pick up trouble. There was also glue on the floor, as a spectator with vague motives tried to stick her hands together, before being ruled out by the Security Service.

Minnesota had the final say, at the expense of a fiery money time where, after ten points, they went 16-2 to take the lead, thanks to Anthony Edwards (30 points) and D’Angelo Russell (29 points, 6 assists). All without Karl-Anthony Towns, due to six fouls, after passing (11 points, 3/11 in shots).

On the Los Angeles side, whose Joker will play Friday at home against the winner of the dam between New Orleans and San Antonio, Paul George cruised (34 points, 7 rebounds), Nicholas Patom stayed conservative (7 points, 4 rebounds, 1) against.

Unlike his former teammate Beverly, who was screaming and rambling after winning the goal post, as if he had just won a championship ring. However, he’s still far from it: There’s Ja Morant and the Grizzlies waiting for him on the way to Memphis.

(France Press agency)

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