A group of violent girls attacking teenage girls in Limoges to “click”

The scene is located a few steps from Limousine High School. A young girl, blonde with long hair, she calls a brunette, in ripped jeans. “I will put one on you, it will take off.”

The blonde, tired of the torrent of insults aimed at her, turns on her heels and quickly picks up. Then the brunette puts her threat into action. “When I tell you you’re looking at me, you look at me. You fat bitch! She yells at him, grabs one hand by his hair, and slaps him with the other.”

The unbearable scene happens for a few seconds in front of two children.

girls group

One wears a hood and the other wears a hat. The two of them kept their hands in their pockets while we heard chuckles.

This video, which was broadcast on the networks, was recovered by Cyril, the father who, this Thursday, will file a complaint at the Limoges Police Station. His daughter was not beaten, but she watched this scene and knew that she would soon face the same fate…

“Currently, a group of girls are roaming around town and beating up other girls between the ages of 13 and 15”

Cyril (Head of the family)

“Currently, a group of girls are walking around town and beating up other girls between the ages of 13 and 15. I didn’t want to go to class for days. Recently I understood why,” says Cyril. I’m a bit bloodthirsty ex-soldier. I went to meet the girl group this week. I found them in town. I managed to talk to 4 people. I asked them why they do this and keep going. They told me it was to click. »

The latest victim, Luna, 13 years old. On Monday evening, about 7 p.m., while she was near Winston Churchill Square, a pupil of Renoir was attacked by “dozens of girls, between the ages of 14 and 20.”

They took her to an area in Jardin d’Orsay where she says, “There are no cameras. One or two carried me to the ground, another broke in my face and someone was filming. His mother is going to file a complaint at the police station as well.” We are all afraid to go into town now. »

The police intervened

A new video, filmed near the former Court of First Instance, in an alley leading to Jardin d’Orsay, shows another example of this gratuitous violence. Once again, a girl violently attacks another.

When asked about the facts, Limoges police said they had recently intervened to perpetrate violence between girls in the city centre.

This is not an emerging phenomenon, we have other examples in the past. It is accidental. No complaint has been submitted yet. Witnesses who were questioned indicate that it all started with insults on the networks,” testifies the Director of the Public Security Department, Yannick Salabert.

According to Cyril, the father of the family, 6 or 7 videos could have been circulated on the networks, filmed in the areas of Rue de la Boucherie, Place de la Barreyrette, Place Denis-Dussoubs near Speakeasy and around Limousin.

The third complaint

This Wednesday, the mother of a 15-year-old girl, who lives in Kosice, will file a complaint at the police station for threats her daughter has received.

“Looks like they have a list with a predetermined order of girls to attack. Since showing this video, my daughter is no longer going to college”
An investigation should be opened Wednesday after these first three complaints.

Frank Laguerre

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