Why is my computer slow? Here are 5 reasons that can slow down your PC and how to fix them

Is your computer slow? There are solutions (Getty Images)

If you’re one of those many professionals who have worked from home once or on a permanent basis since the pandemic, you know that one of your biggest nightmares is having to work on a machine that runs slowly. Fortunately, solutions exist.

A slow computer can get in the way of important projects, spoil video meetings, and even keep you tied to your desk for longer than necessary.

If you’re experiencing computer slowdowns, that’s a clear sign that something is wrong with your computer, explains technology and cybersecurity expert Chuck Brooks, president of Brooks Consulting International.

It can range from a simple, easily solvable problem to a larger one that makes you think about buying a new computer. But don’t take out the credit card right away, most problems with your computer can be fixed without having to change it.

A slow computer can ruin your business (Getty Images)

A slow computer can ruin your remote work (Getty Images)

Naturally, your computer should be able to perform the basic tasks you need. That’s why some tools, such as System Mechanic, can help improve your computer’s performance by finding and fixing more than 30,000 computer problems. The program can also scan and disassemble your hard drive, check for Internet connection issues, and open up storage space so your computer can start tracking you in all your activities again.

System Mechanic costs just $4.40 per month and monitors what’s going on inside your computer so you don’t have to worry about what slows it down in the future.

System Mechanics | Try free for 30 days, then 4.40€ per month

So why is your computer so slow?

Don’t feel guilty about not automatically knowing what’s going on inside your device. Even IT professionals have to do some detective work to find out why a computer is so slow. “There are a variety of reasons that can slow down operations on computers.”Brooks explains. Below are the most common.

1. Why is my computer slow? It’s a spyware problem

When a computer is slow, spyware and malware are usually to blame, says Brooks. Spyware – or spyware – is software that allows any person or organization to collect information about what is happening on your computer. Malware – or malware – is designed to harm your computer and gain unauthorized access.

Spyware and malware can significantly slow down your computer.  (Getty Images)

Spyware and malware can significantly slow down your computer. (Getty Images)

For registration: Spyware and malware can be detected simply by using the Internet or by downloading applications. Regularly clean up files and apps that you don’t need or that are too cumbersome. It can help track down and eliminate these problems from your computer, says Brooks. The final result ? A faster computer.

2. Why is my computer slow? You are overloading your system

Even the best computers have limits to what they can handle. If you’re running several things at once, like playing music, games, and video conferencing, it can slow down your computer, says Brooks.

The easiest solution is to limit the number of apps you use at once. But if that’s not possible because you love to multitask, it might be time to upgrade to a new computer with a larger capacity.

3. Why is my computer slow? You push your storage limits

All work documents, presentations, pictures, music files, and movies on your computer accumulate over time and can slow down the speed of your work. “Lots of data related to storage and bandwidth limitations” It became, for Brooks, a huge problem.

Get an honest overview of what you store on your computer by looking at your hard drive. Anything you no longer use can be thrown away.

Another possible solution: Consider moving some large files to an external hard drive so they don’t hamper your system.

4. Why is my computer slow? You are using an old operating system

An outdated operating system can slow down your computer (Getty Images)

An outdated operating system can slow down your computer (Getty Images)

The operating system manages everything that happens on your computer. Without it, even basic tasks would be nearly impossible. But operating systems are getting outdated, and it’s important not to ignore notifications that it’s time to update.

Users should update their operating system, says Brooks. So the next time your computer prompts you to update, do so. This will save you a lot of trouble.

5. Why is my computer slow? You need to clear your cache

Your computer collects cookies almost every time you go online. These small digital files help websites remember who you are and track your activity, but they can also slow down your computer.

Brook suggests a good solution is to check your computer’s privacy settings to see who can send you notifications and popups, as well as cookies. Clicking on a higher privacy setting can help speed things up.

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