VMware Workstation Pro cannot run on a Windows PC

Some computer users may encounter while upgrading from Windows 7/8.1 or earlier versions of Windows 10 to newer versions of Windows 11/10 Vmware Workstation Pro Error message. This post is intended to help affected users resolve this issue. In this article, we are going to provide a proper solution that you can try to fix this problem successfully.

Uninstall this app now because it is not compatible with Windows

VMware Workstation Pro cannot run on Windows 11/10

If you encounter this problem, you can simply uninstall VMware Workstation Pro and then try the upgrade process again. But uninstalling the program through the Programs and Features program in the Windows 10 Control Panel will not be enough; Since some users reported that the Uninstall button was broken or even after they were able to uninstall the program, they are still facing the problem. In fact, there are still files left from the program on your Windows 1o PC. Therefore, we will tell you how to completely remove VMware Workstation Pro and all its dependencies through the invasive method.

  1. Uninstall VMware Workstation Pro using the software installer
  2. Uninstall VMware Workstation Pro using a third-party uninstaller
  3. Uninstall VMware Workstation Pro via Command Prompt

Let’s see the description of the two methods.

1]Uninstall VMware Workstation Pro using the software installer

If you don’t have a copy of the installer, you can download from the VMware website or any other site that hosts the installer file.

Complete as follows:

  • Log on to the Windows host system as an administrator user or as a user who is a member of the local Administrators group.

If you are logging into the domain, the domain account must also be a local administrator.

  • Double-click a file vmware-workstation-abcd-abcdabc.exe file where a B C D-abcdabc are the version and build numbers.
  • Click on following on the welcome screen, then tap eliminate.

For product license registration and professional workstation Configuration information, check the appropriate boxes.

  • Click on following To start uninstalling VMware Professional workstation.

2]Uninstall VMware Workstation Pro using a third party uninstall program

While Windows comes with an Add or Remove Programs option, you often get a message telling you that some components could not be removed or the uninstall failed. In addition, it often leaves existing files, folders, and shortcuts in place, which means that you will have to delete them manually. It also does not update the registry correctly. Third-party software uninstallers can do a deeper job.

3]Uninstall VMware Workstation Pro via Command Prompt

If you are uninstalling Workstation 5.x or later versions, use the Workstation uninstall tool. You will need to download the appropriate installer to your computer’s hard drive.

Complete as follows:

  • hurry Windows key + R. to invoke the Run dialog.
  • In the Run dialog box, type cmd then press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER To open Command Prompt in admin / elevated mode.
  • In the Command Prompt window, type the command below and hit Enter.
VMware-workstation-5.0.0-13124.exe /c

This is with /c The adapter will automatically remove the VMware Workstation MSI registry information from your Windows 10 PC.

If you are using 12.x, 11.x, 10.x, 9.x, 8.x or 7.x workstation, run the installer with /clean Switch to elevated CMD prompt. Your command should look like this:

VMware-workstation-full-7.1.2-301548.exe /clean

This is! Once VMware Workstation is completely uninstalled, you can proceed with the Windows 10 upgrade – the process should complete without any errors.

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