“This presidential election symbolizes the end of the influence of the left-wing media on public opinion.”

Vigarovox / Chronicle – No left-wing candidate qualified for the second round of the presidential elections. The lawyer sees this shift in opinion as a sign that the left-wing media is now exerting its influence on people only in a residual way.

Jill William Goldendel is a lawyer and essayist. Every week, he breaks the news about FigaroVox. Publish Radical Left Fascist Resistance Handbook (New editions of Passy, ​​2021).

I would like to share with my readers that intuition that I nurtured long ago from the fruits of my observations. I take political opinions from the psychology of emotions and not from the mind. One’s anger.

One of the most remarkable social facts of recent years is characterized by a right-wing orientation of opinion. And the results of the first round of the presidential elections only confirm this. This right wing is only equated with, in stark contrast, a journalistic world that is still largely left-dominated, like the academic or artistic world. Public service broadcasts in particular represent this situation of reluctance to engage fairly. This contradiction shows that the media now exerts its influence on people only in a residual way.

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Several interpretations combine. It is the power of social networks, particularly what she calls the power of the media with a pejorative as importantly a “vacosphere”, renamed the “unfortunate field”, which has succeeded in fundamentally splitting the media monopoly. A force that hides the reality that annoys him and vice versa, focusing on the facts that suit him. The madness of certain ideological constructs (“Woking”, racism, gender theories, Islamic leftism, etc.)

But there is a complementary seemingly contradictory explanation that I want to consider in this column.

I do not discount the hypothesis that it is precisely the media on the left that is why people, angry, have turned symmetrically to the right.

Jill William Goldendel

A people aware of the identity and security risks that await them through an irresistible and outraged mass exodus of ideological media still in denial, if not in contempt. Media without compasses is more reliable, and thus has become unpopular with confused people. The loss of professional credibility associated with moral distrust would explain this loss of influence along with the disgusting effect.

Three subjective examples from my personal observation of the past week that have caused my personal habit-dilution provocation and surrender:

The case of Jeremy Cohen, First, I help his bereaved family. And part of the press considered the statements of the political leaders to come within the framework of “recovery”. This is how Ms. Marine Le Pen greeted on Monday, expressing her emotions, and was questioned by Madame Salama about a possible “exploitation”. The same remark was made by the press review official, Mr. Oskolovich, referring to this “recovery”, in connection with an article by Eric Zemmour in Valeurs Actuelles after the victim’s father requested an interview to help him. Thus, for a part of the press – curiously joined by the main candidate who on his part claimed a “rig” – one should not call during election times the death of a young Jew who was attacked by a “rabble” and immediately after he was run over. by tram. All within a negative police setting such as the family having to replace failed investigators to prevent the eventual loss of evidence.

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People would have good reason to believe that the only default exploit would be invisibility.

Jill William Goldendel

I think of poor Sarah Halimi (who also helped her family) whose torture after the assassination of Islamist Traoré, despite the police presence, was conveniently hidden until the second round of the previous presidential election. Undoubtedly, some mourners fear that such discoveries will benefit a candidate rather than a candidate.

Whatever the case, we will note that when, for example, some import the American case of George Floyd into the French media arena, without fear of racism or affiliation, no one starts a trial of improper exploitation. On the contrary, Jeremy Cohen’s family wanted to remain vigilant, in the current state of the investigations, regarding the anti-Semitic hypothesis.

The second example: the systematic media refusal, if not the systematic, to consider any attack on civilians in Israel a terrorist. Islamist killers are more accurately seen as “attackers”.

Here again, it is hard not to notice a stubborn ideological rejection of reality when it comes to Israel.

Jill William Goldendel

Finally, and finally, we will note this opening of Globalism Saturday that In the name of republican values ​​and the national interest He recommended not to vote for Le Pen or Zemmour. It should be noted above all that the newspaper itself, in the name of the same values, had similarly warned against the possible extremism of the pro-Castro Melenchon candidate. It is difficult not to note here the asymmetric spirit and ideological orientation of a left-wing newspaper, previously moderate, but perfectly embodying a certain kind of contemporary media extremism far from the people.

Indeed, with the same ideological coherence, the world He published a vain op-ed supporting Jeremy Corbyn against Boris Johnson, who is accused of being a populist. He was the world’s favorite being beaten dry. It is strange that Mr. Melenchon put this defeat on the shoulders of the chief rabbi of England. A few weeks later, the English dowry Lomond and M.

On Sunday, the “populist” Johnson was in Kyiv with Zelensky to provide him with economic assistance and armament. Then you will be surprised that a certain printing press no longer prints as it used to.

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