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Apple has unveiled the new iPad Air, which uses the custom processor for Apple computers, as well as the iPad Pro. A formidable machine, which is not for everyone.

What really remains for the iPad Pro? That is the question we ask ourselves when using the new iPad Air, which Apple revealed at the beginning of 2022. It is sold from 699 euros (compared to 899 euros for the iPad Pro), and it integrates the M1 processor. The same high-powered Apple computers, plus the sealed “Pro” tablet. With the bonus, it’s probably the most successful design since the range’s inception.

iPad Air (2022) capabilities

most beautiful ipad

At Apple, design is essential, and colors are, too. For several months, the manufacturer made sure to refuse its products in several colors. And the iPad Air is no exception to this rule, in three colors (pink, purple, and blue) in addition to the traditional gray and silver. A first way to distinguish it from the iPad Pro, which exists only in two versions of gray.

Apple iPad Air (2022)
Apple’s iPad Air (2022) © Apple

The lines of the iPad Air, the 2022 edition, are unchanged compared to the 2020 edition. It’s actually taken inspiration from the latest iPhones, with flat edges that enhance cohesion. Unlike the entry-level iPad, the iPad Air is deprived of a physical home button, to navigate back very close to the latest iPhones.

Without Face ID (Apple’s facial recognition system, intended for the “Pro” model), the tablet can rely on Touch ID, the fingerprint recognition system, which has been cleverly moved to the power button.

unlimited power

Since the beginnings of “home” computer processors, Apple has demonstrated all the technical prowess its hardware can do. Instead of using the A15 chip, which powers the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, as well as the new iPhone SE, the manufacturer integrates the M1 chip, reserved until then for the iPad Pro and the latest MacBooks.

In fact, the iPad Air is very powerful, which not only exceeds that of all competing tablets, but probably all PCs under 2,500 euros. Enough to meet all needs, including 3D rendering, as well as photo and video editing.

Apple iPad Air (2022)
Apple’s iPad Air (2022) © Apple

great screen

If Apple still does not opt ​​for OLED screens for its tablets, the brand makes it clear that we can do great things with LCD technology, more classic. The level of brightness offered by the iPad Air is enough to enjoy it in any conditions, including in very good weather, without being bothered by reflections.

The screen size (10.9 inches) is equivalent to that of the smaller iPad Pro (11 inches), and larger than the “classic” iPad (10.2 inches). In short, this is probably the format that should fit the largest number.

5G access

With 4G, all tablets for several years have offered – as an option – the possibility to take advantage of the mobile network by inserting a SIM card. Logically, this strategy continues with the deployment of 5G.

iPad Air is Apple’s first tablet compatible with this new network. Unfortunately, at a significant additional cost: it takes at least 869 euros to take advantage of it.

iPad Air vulnerabilities (2022)

Limited Storage

Apple offers two versions of the iPad Air: a 64 GB version and a 256 GB version (from 869 euros). In 2022, it would have been nice if the entry-level model offered at least 128 GB of storage, but also more than 256 GB. This limitation does not seem to keep pace with the impressive performance that the M1 chip allows: to handle files smoothly 4K video is good. The ability to store them in better quantities.

high price

As is often the case with Apple, the products are far from affordable in the market. Regarding the iPad Air, its 699 euro price tag seems to be adequate. Problem: It can climb quickly, even if we are satisfied with the 64GB version.

As mentioned above, adding 5G compatibility takes the iPad Air to at least €869. It is then necessary to charge 135 euros for the Apple Pencil, if one wishes to use the tablet for drawing or taking notes.

To use this iPad as a good complement to a laptop, the “Magic Keyboard” (with a physical keyboard and excellent trackpad) is a marvel. But the cost of this wonder is significant: 339 euros.

iPad Air (2022) and Apple's Magic Keyboard
iPad Air (2022) and Apple Magic Keyboard © Apple


For those who can afford to pay the price, the 2022 iPad Air is a near perfection machine, which should benefit from longevity. Its screen is gorgeous, its design is irresistible, and its power is unbeatable. Three key points for the tablet. Without any limitations in uses, it should attract many users with special needs (eg 3D editing or video).

Only the most demanding still have good reason to switch to the Pro version, which has Face ID, a dual camera module, greater storage capabilities and better display quality.

On the other hand, this iPad Pro is far from being the best choice for those who want a family tablet, to be content for browsing the web, conferring on social networks and watching videos. For this purpose, the price / quality ratio is unhesitatingly on the side of the classic iPad, which fulfills these functions at a much more affordable price of 389 euros.

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