NEC Computers extends its range of servers NEC EXPRESS5800 and announces 5 new models for SMB/SMI

NEC Computers extends its range of servers NEC EXPRESS5800 and announces 5 new models for SMB/SMI

NEC Computers, a subsidiary of NEC Corp. , about 5 new servers to extend the range of the NEC Express5800. Intel® Xeon dual-processor servers provide unparalleled performance, security, and flexibility in this price range. Ideally equipped to run applications ranging from the simplest to the most complex, it is more economical and easier to operate, incorporating RAID systems as standard, as well as true management solutions.

The NEC Express5800 is designed to meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises and public institutions. In fact, the configurations of these servers make them well suited for hosting critical applications such as Domain/DNS/DHCP/Active Directory/Mail servers, on-premises DBMSs, and collaborative applications (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Sharepoint, Intranet, etc.).

In addition, its increased performance makes NEC Express5800 servers capable of running more power-demanding applications such as ERP/CRM type applications, some business applications, enterprise database management systems, or virtualization and integration solutions without fail.

Of the five models in the NEC Express5800 server line, the 120Eh2, 120Ei and 120Lj models are in the tower form factor. The 120Rh-1 and 120Rj-2 are offered in Rack format.

These servers share three essential elements in order to support companies in developing their infrastructure:

Their advanced technology leads, first of all, to increased performance as well as continuous availability of data and applications. All of these servers use second-generation Intel® Xeon processors, which are offered in dual-core (Intel® Xeon 5200) or quad-core (Intel® Xeon 5400) format. Thanks to the 45nm technology, these processors provide an increased performance of 25% for a reduced consumption of approximately 40% compared to the previous version.

All of these servers also share a new, unified, robust secure data storage solution RAID: a single controller, built into the server’s motherboards, provides RAID 0, 1, 5 or 6, with or without battery backup, on SAS or SATA drives simultaneously , at 2.5 or 3.5 inches.

In addition, these servers included a new TPM 1.2 (Trusted Platform Module), an encryption chip intended to allow the user to enhance the security of their data by encrypting it on the fly. The TPM 1.2 solution can be turned on and off on demand.

It is very easy to set up, manage and scale these new servers, ensuring better operation and greater cost control. In fact, every NEC Express5800 server is delivered as standard with a complete remote management solution, in order to generate maximum throughput and allow technical teams to limit their interventions, thus reducing assistance and administration costs. This solution includes tools as standard:

* Enrich operation and management

* Manage server groups

* Remote access and intervention (KVM/IP, remote media)

* Installation and configuration

Furthermore, the NEC Express5800 family of products takes a new step towards greater control of energy consumption thanks to the standard integration of a real-time energy monitoring module. This “Power Control” module allows the administrator to remotely monitor and analyze the electrical consumption of his or her devices.

Finally, these five new servers are certified for Microsoft® Windows 2003 Server, VMware, and Redhat environments. They are already ready to release Microsoft® Windows 2008 Server as soon as it becomes available on the market.

Pricing and Availability: Within the NEC Computers distribution network from end of January.

NEC Express5800 / 120Eh2 SAS HotSwap

* Intel® Xeon Quad Core 5405


* 2 x 73GB 15krpm SAS HotSwap hard drives

* 128MB cache SAS RAID controller

* 16x DVD-ROM

* 650W hot-switching power supply

* 3 Years Warranty / Site D + 1

- Generally indicated general price: 1839 € HT

NEC Express5800 / 120Rj-2 SAS HotSwap

* 2 Intel® Xeon Quad Core 5405 processors

* 1x PCI-Express X8 + 2x PCI-X 64/100MHz (3.3V) riser panel (full height)

* Front tire


* 2 x 73GB 15krpm SAS HotSwap hard drives

* 256MB cache SAS RAID controller

* Backup battery

* Slim 24x IDE DVD Burner

* Redundant power supply and HotSwap 750W

* 3 Years Warranty / Site D + 1

- Generally indicated general price: 3716 € HT

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