Limoges CSP scale after her victory in Pau

Angus Jakovic

While running 3.5 in 15 minutes on average, Ingus Jakovics performed five times higher on Sunday in Pau with a rating of 17 in 15 minutes. From the bench, facing the duo Harper and CJ Massinburg with great difficulty, the Latvian leader secured 17 points at 4 out of 5 from three points, 4 fouls, 2 rebounds and an assist. Upgrade it at the best time.

excellent Limoges CSP was able to count on Ingus Jakovics “impressed by grace” against Pau-Orthez

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Jesmy Bomiere

He finished the game’s highest rating with 17 as Ingus Jakovics. Very effective near the circuit (11 to 5 out of 6), it allowed the Limoges CSP to dominate the recoil (39 to 29) with eight catches and continuous commitment. I did well.

Asan Nadwi

American duo CJ Massinburg and Harper on difficulty, French duo Lang-Invernizzi on the bench, Assane Ndoye perfectly took charge in the first quarter. His very good entry (7 points in 9 minutes, 4 rebounds and 1 interception) allowed Limoges CSP not to sink.


Timothy Crossol

Finished with 3 of the evaluation in 25 minutes. Timothé Crusol wasn’t exceptional but he didn’t pass either. In the last moments of the match, “One” did the greatest good in Limoges.

Hugo Invernesse

It wasn’t exceptional either. But he was essential to the success of the Limoges CSP by securing 5 rebounds, 5 points and 4 assists for 11 PIRs in 30 minutes.

Cruz Benkins

Not skilled (5 points vs 2 out of 7), he finished with a 0 rating but Cruz Pinkins gave himself up for the group.

Nicholas Lang

His winning shot, after checking shots (2 out of 6 on three points), in the final moments of the match saved the match. Like Americans Harper and CJ Massinburg, well targeted by Bearnais, Nicolas Lang didn’t deliver his usual performance even if he finished with 10 in 26 minutes.

excellent Pau winner, Limoges CSP goes to round two

in decline

CJ Massenburg

The usual leader of Limoges CSP, he spent only 15 minutes on the ground. Mocked by Massimo Cancelleri, CJ Massenburg was having a hard time against Alain Bernier. This is one of his rare missed matches this season.

Demonte Harbor

He started the match by attacking Jefferson at the low post. This record, which usually allows him to work wonders, did not work. Even worse, through a buildup of errors, the Limoges CSP captain was unable to exert his usual influence on the team.

Horace Spencer

He is also affected by mistakes. 4 in 12 minutes. In this context, he couldn’t bring his usual energy into the group.

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