How do you watch Disney +?

The Disney video-on-demand service, launched in 2019 and available in France since 2020, is called Disney+, on many devices (TVs, TV boxes, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. ). However, some prerequisites must sometimes be met to take advantage of it. Learn how to watch Disney+.

However, it is important to note that sometimes some basic requirements must be met to take advantage of it, regardless of which device you decide to use. Learn how to watch Disney+.

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What different offers does Disney + offer and at what price?

Unlike Netlix, for example, Disney+ only offers one show, available in a monthly or yearly payment. For €8.99 per month (or €89.90 per year, 15% discount applies), you can enjoy a video-on-demand offering these different properties:

  • Up to four devices simultaneously
  • Up to ten devices connected
  • 4K UHD, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos compatible with IMAX Enhanced
  • mass flow system

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Watch Disney + on TV

When it comes to watching Disney+ on TV, there are really many options available to you. Connected TV, switches, HDMI box, Internet box or even video game consoles, many possibilities are available through our video-on-demand service. Let’s see what’s available:

Disney + on Smart TV

Connected TVs have been around for many years now, but beware: not all of them are compatible with the Disney+ app. The video service indicates in its official documentation that only these TVs allow you to enjoy it:

  • Android TV devices (minimum Android 5.0)
  • Hisense Smart TV (VIDAA 2.5 or VIDAA 4.0 and later)
  • LG Smart TV (minimum webOS 3.0)
  • Panasonic Smart TV (Powered by My Home Screen OS with a serial number starting with EZ, EX, FZ, FX, GZ, GX, HZ, HX, JZ, or JX)
  • Samsung Smart TV (Tizen only and from 2016)

Disney + on the SFR, Free, Orange, Bouygues or Canal + box

Various operators, in addition to Canal+, provide access to Disney+ directly from their chest. However, as with other ways to enjoy the Disney service, check for hardware compatibility:

  • Orange (4K UHD TV or TV4 set-top box)
  • SFR (connect TV and SFR Box 8)
  • Free (Delta, Pop, Mini 4K)
  • Bouygues (Bbox 4K or Bbox 4K HDR)
  • Channel + (G9, G1, Cube or Cube S)

Disney + with switch or HDMI box

Many brands offer this type of product, such as Xiaomi, Google, Amazon or Apple just to name these brands. It would be difficult to list all dongles or all compatible boxes as the number can be high, but here are some details that may be useful to you. Disney+ is compatible with:

  • Amazon Fire TV (Fire OS 5.0 or higher)
  • Apple TV (minimum 4th generation HD or 4K)
  • Android TV Key/Box (Minimum Android 5.0)

Disney + on a video game console

Many of us have gaming consoles in our TV cabinet. For a few generations, they’ve been turned into veritable multimedia centers in our living rooms: Blu-ray playback, music services, YouTube, Twitch and VOD, it all goes there. Here is a list of consoles with the Disney+ app:

  • PlayStation 4 / Slim / Pro
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One / S / X.
  • Xbox S / X

If you’re wondering, know that there is currently no Nintendo Switch model that offers the Disney+ app.

Disney + via a computer connected to a TV

We don’t think about it much, but it is also possible to connect your computer (Windows, Chrome OS, macOS, Linux, etc.) to our TV via an HDMI cable. By doing so, just play Disney+ on your computer and enjoy it on your big screen TV. To learn more about using Disney+ on PC, go to more information in this guide.

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Watch Disney + on your Android smartphone or tablet

Disney + on Android

Disney+ is available on too many platforms and it was almost obvious that Android smartphones and tablets were affected. An official app is available and we advise you to use this app only. It can be accessed from the Play Store on your Android device, or by clicking directly on this link.

The app requires a minimum Android 5.0 device.

Watch Disney+ on iPhone or iPad

Disney + on iOS and iPadOS

Just like Android, iOS and iPadOS are entitled to their official version of the Disney+ app. Requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod running iOS/iPadOS version 14.0 and is available directly from your device’s App Store, or by clicking this link. Here too, we advise you to download this official app only.

Watch Disney + on Windows PC, Macbook, Chromebook, …

As a rule, any computer connected to the Internet and having a browser (Chrome, Safari, Brave, Edge, Firefox, etc.) will allow you to enjoy Disney + without any problem. Whether it’s a Mac running macOS, a Windows or Linux PC, or a Chromebook running ChromeOS, you won’t be harmed.

Disney+ on Mac (macOS)

Currently, the macOS platform (Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Studio, etc.) does not offer an official app. So it is necessary to browse your favorite browser and go to the official Disney+ website.

Disney + on Windows

Unlike macOS, Windows has its own official app on the Microsoft Store. So you have two solutions to watch Disney + series and movies on Windows: the browser and the app.

Disney + on Linux

If not introduced at the launch of the service, Linux is now fully compatible with the Disney+ video player. Simply go to their official website through a browser. There is no application currently.

Disney+ on Chromebook (Chrome OS)

Normally, we might think that Chrome OS’ poor app availability may make this OS incompatible with Disney+. Fortunately, this is not the case: it is entirely possible to take advantage of the Disney service via the built-in browser (Chrome only). But that’s not all, since depending on your Chromebook model, you’ll be able to download the official Android app.

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