Gender neutral is now available on passports

Since Monday, April 11th, the United States has taken another step towards recognizing gender neutral, neither masculine nor feminine. Anyone applying for a passport in the country will now be able to check the “X” box, rather than just choosing between male and female. This announcement was made by the State Department on March 31, International Transgender Seeing Day.

By fulfilling that promise made in the fall, the State Department becomes, according to a press release, The “First Federal Agency” The United States offers this option on an official identity document. Few other countries allow a similar approach. Australia created this neutral type in 2011. Since then, Pakistan, Nepal, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and Argentina have followed suit.

“Transgender people are among the bravest in our country. But no one should be brave just to be themselves”The White House said in a statement. The State Department had already revealed, in October 2021, the issuance of the first US passport with an “X” under the heading “Gender,” but that was not a routine procedure.

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“There, I have the state that says who I am as a person”

Among the first people to apply for new gender-neutral identity papers, Dr. sex. D- Who uses pronouns? they are an illusion in english, iel, in french preferably given to masculine – look for it ” unbelievable “.

Because if his family “You still don’t know” His identity, with such a document, At least the state [la] to get to know[ra] »Dr. said. Agence France-Presse (AFP).

My family, they still did not understand. They still don’t use the first name I want. There, at least, I have the state that says who I am as a person. And you know, I can say to people, “Here’s my papers, the state sees me like that, and maybe you should start looking at me as I am.”

1.2 million nonbinary people in the United States

The White House also announced a series of initiatives to facilitate administrative procedures for transgender people: updating body scanners used at airports to accommodate nonbinary and intersex people; simplification of many administrative procedures; Or even create a transgender information site, targeting young people and their parents.

“It’s a beautiful symbol of support [qui] It will definitely be important to a few people.”For his part, applauds Abney Jones, the author and artist, in a column published by Dr Washington Post. However, for anyone who has social transmission, [fait inscrire le genre féminin sur son passeport] He underwent breast surgery.It is not a file Apply for listing As presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “There would be a simpler, less expensive and more powerful option: removing the mention of gender from all passports.”says Abney Jones.

About 1.2 million people identify as nonbinary in the United States, according to a study from the University of California published in June. About 16,700 of them, or 1.4%, are likely to apply for a gender-neutral passport, according to a study by the Williams Institute, a US think-tank, cited by the newspaper. hill.

The question of sex is among the most divisive

Ojeda has a gender-neutral Virginia driver’s license. Currently, 21 states and the District of Columbia allow such permits. But issues of gender and identity are among the most divisive in the country. Other states, conservatives, have adopted restrictive regulations, particularly regarding the care that must be given to transgender minors, exercise, or even the use of toilets.

In Texas, investigations have been opened against parents under a controversial directive from the governor, which equates to certain measures “sex change” for the palace “bad handlers” criminally blamed. He cites surgeries as well as hormonal treatments. “Administration [fédérale] Condemns once again the prevalence of serious legislative attacks against transgender people in several countries”Read the White House statement.

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“This type of law has been shown to stigmatize and put transgender children at risk.” And “Risk of causing discrimination and harassment” Against their families, says the US CEO.

Le Monde and Agence France-Presse

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