Elden Ring: 5 Easy Ways to Make Runes

Elden Ring is a very entertaining and complex game, but sometimes very challenging. If you want to increase your stats quickly so you can continue your adventure without losing your footing, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five easy ways, based on your progress in the game, to collect runes.

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1- Trolls for Gatefront Ruins (start the game)

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For players new to the Elden Ring, I highly recommend going near Gatefront Ruins And walk along the cliff to the east. This part of limgrave Full of trolls who, despite their fierce looks, are very slow and a good way to practice dodging.

In addition, each Troll drops 1000 runes, which makes this site a great way to quickly raise your stats in the early game. On the other hand, try to attract only one or two Trolls to you at a time (they can destroy each other) as the combat can become difficult for beginners. So I recommend this little trick before fighting bosses like Margit In order to prepare better.

2- Small enemies animal sanctuary (beginning/middle of the game)

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Another way to pick up runes fairly quickly is to go to animal sanctuary Thanks to the teleporter in limgrave. Once you get past that teleporter, get out and avoid the manager outside (maybe it’s too difficult at the moment). Alternatively, turn right to the left where you will find small enemies that are easy to kill and give each of them 1,000 Runes.

Be careful though, as it is surprisingly hit hard for its size. Instead, try to approach them from behind in stealth mode to get the most damage and the least time to kill them. I also advise you to go left and not right when leaving animal sanctuary Since the small enemies are alone, while on the right they are grouped and difficult to manage for the semi-novices. When they all die, just go and repost them in The site of grace.

3- Dragon Faroth Fort (mid game)

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The next easy way to make a set of runes is Caelid. The red zone may be unforgiving for new players, so make sure you are strong enough to venture there first. If you can reach Faroth FortHowever, you are entitled to a nice bonus of runes.

In front of this fort, you will see a huge dragon with its young. You then have two options for choosing the runes. First, you can think about harvesting more runes in the long run by killing the little ones and they will appear at your next stop in The site of grace. Each small dragon is equal to 3500 runes. Alternatively, you can slay the mother dragon and remember 80,000 wonderful runes in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, the cubs and the mother will not appear again.

The task may seem boring, but in reality this dragon is probably the easiest to defeat in the game because it does not really defend itself. It is also easy to defeat the little ones if you have already managed to reach them.

4- The war in Redman’s Castle (mid game)

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When you are far enough Caelid to fight radanh, but that might still be too weak, there is a great and easy way to pick up the runes nearby. In front of the castle, an endless war is raging between fire knights and hell dogs. Just walk up the hill in front of The site of grace Eye The Great Bridge is impassable Then he watched them kill each other to quietly capture the runes that escape the losers.

For this method, you do not even need to get your hands dirty, moreover, this site exists before your fight with the terrible. radanh. So you may need it badly.

5- Party In The mill village (mid/advanced game)

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This last mode is for advanced players who have already arrived Alteus tray. At the southern end is a village called Dominola, the village of the mill. In this village you will find dancing creatures with flower crowns on their heads and they will not attack you unless they are provoked. If you don’t mind it being a real steal, you can attack it in a small group and go up the hill to get simple and quick runes.

Once you reach the top, a boss is waiting for you. But even without killing this boss, you would have made 7,000 easy runes by attacking this village. Then you can go to The site of grace Ready and start the process over again.

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