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But, since so many e-commerce stores are popping up, it’s sometimes hard to know who to trust for quality equipment, and at the best prices.

Fortunately, many online stores combine quality with affordability, while giving you the option of using a promo code to lower your bill a bit.

In fact, Cybertek is a store that specializes in selling computers and high-tech equipment. Building on its success, Cybertek also has 17 physical stores spread across France.

The company, which was born in Bordeaux in 1996, also configures your equipment for metering and provides troubleshooting and repair. Their very competitive rates make them a safe bet.

Building your own computer: a good or bad idea?

sIf you know a little about computers, building your own can be a fairly attractive option, financially speaking.

You order all necessary parts and assemble them yourself. Great financial gain, but in terms of time, you have to weigh the pros and cons.

You will find all the most efficient spare parts on the market at Cybertek. We also advise you to take a look at the online store, which is also very popular and specializes in the sale of computers and high-tech products.

Use the Cybertek promo code to pay less for your computers.

Created in 1998, the company was acquired in 2011 by LDLC Group and continues its rapid rise. Whether you call one or the other, you can be sure of the quality of your equipment and the professionalism of the teams.

Moreover, if you have any doubt about the parts to choose, according to the expected results, the professionals help you to choose the good parts for the optimal configuration of your PC.

For example, you can easily find a file Cybertek promo code To pay less for your computer equipment.

Laptop or desktop computer: how to choose?

If you’re a rooted player, no argument! Buy a desktop computer without hesitation. PCs are becoming more and more efficient and will offer you incredible gaming and quality experience!

However, if you, for example, only work on a computer, the choice can be more difficult, especially if you work remotely.

In fact, you’ll find high-performance equipment for your activity in both formats. If the laptop offers undeniable practicality because you can take it with you everywhere, such as customer meetings, on the train when traveling, in a co-working space …

It can also turn into a trap and prevent you from putting barriers between your professional life and your personal life. Your business tool will turn into a real object of temptation. You will tend to use it everywhere and all the time.

Whereas a desktop computer, which is in a particular room, will force you to interrupt the work when you close the door to that room. You will be able to go about your personal life and hobbies with a free spirit, with a lighter mental load.

Perhaps you could consider owning a desktop computer for days working from home, getting a laptop for your travels or client meetings, or even just for your spare time, provided you know how to set and respect your limits.

Which operating system to choose?

Before buying your own computer, there is one last basic question you should ask yourself: Which operating system to choose? Windows or macOS?

Note that, as a rule, a PC works with the Windows operating system. While Apple’s Mac runs on MacOs. But it can also run Windows XP and Vista.

Macs are typically used more by professionals in journalism, video and audio editing, educational and scientific research, computer programming, and web and application developers. Their prices are higher than those of Microsoft computers.

Microsoft computers are often used as a home computer for the whole family or as a desktop computer, for administrative tasks, among other things. It is also widely used by nerds and gamers.

Finally, your choice should depend on the use you are going to get from it. If you are addicted to video games, a Windows PC will make you happy. If you are the more creative type, then the MAC will definitely suit you better. If you can, try each operating system and compare the pros and cons. Dealing with Macs can sometimes be more difficult for many hobbyists who are used to the Windows operating system.

However, if you use an iPhone, you will find that MacOs are relatively intuitive.

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