At least 16 people have been infected in Brooklyn

6:24 pm

The individual shot from inside the train

“The suspect was inside the train when he wore a gas mask and opened a suitcase,” a police representative told reporters. Then smoke on the train “and then the guy started shooting.” The investigation elements have not yet been able to establish the motive for this act.

6:17 pm

The terrorist path is not unique

NYPD chiefs and city and state officials held a press briefing, confirming reports issued so far about the Brooklyn shootings. A man wearing a gas mask opened a “bag” inside the train before “the shooting started”. At the moment, the open investigation is not due to a “terrorist act”.

6:06 PM

Reassessment of the casualty toll

Just before 6 pm, Al Salasil CBS And News letters She now recalls “at least 16 people injured” at the time of the shooting that took place inside the New York subway. Including “ten bullets”, according to what was reported by the first media. Pictures broadcast by American television showed traces of blood covering the subway tiles, in front of cars with open doors from which terrified travelers exited.

5:52 PM

What we know about the wanted suspect

According to a police source, The New York TimesPolice are looking for a “burly man” wearing a “gas mask” and an “orange jacket”. He was wearing a “dark blue uniform that looks similar to public transport clothing”.

5:41 pm

Where did the shooting take place in New York?

The facts took place at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park in the Brooklyn area. My colleague Erwan Alex created this map to help you better visualize places.

5:36 pm

No deaths reported so far

report to The New York Times“There are no deaths,” Michael Gould said at around 5:30 p.m [n’a été] mentioned. Our American colleague said that the victims are being treated for gunshot wounds” and “smoke inhalation”.

The New York Times website refers more specifically to “eight patients (…) being treated at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn,” citing a spokesperson for the hospital center. Their injuries included gunshot wounds and smoke inhalation. All of them are in stable condition.

5:29 pm

Know, President Joe Biden is responding

The President of the United States, who yesterday announced new measures against firearms, was informed of the shooting. The White House has offered to help the authorities in New York, executive spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced.

For her part, the Democratic Governor of New York State, Cathy Hochhol, said that she is monitoring the situation and has been informed of the investigation. Local media indicated that Mayor Eric Adams, who recently tested positive for Covid-19, was also monitoring the situation.

5:20 pm

Pictures spread on social media

Several videos, transmitted privately on Twitter, show scenes of panic inside the New York subway. If it is difficult to verify the authenticity of these sequences seen from France, a journalist with a verified account named Madou Tiwari relayed one of them and recounted the scene: “The shooter was on the sidewalk of 24th Street, when the subway doors opened, first fired a smoke grenade and then He started shooting.”

4:55 pm

The metro operator announces major malfunctions

Since the alert is provided to emergency services and the police arrive immediately, the Twitter account of the New York subway informs users in real time about the running of lines. Many of them have been banned.

4:46 PM

It was the injured person who called the emergency services.

“At 8:27 a.m., police received an emergency call from a person who was shot dead on the subway” in Brooklyn, the agency said.France Press agency A spokeswoman for the New York Police.

4:38 PM

An important security apparatus was placed on 36th Street and 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, where the facts occurred.

France Press agency

4:36 PM

Police advise residents to avoid the area

The police announced on Twitter, that “there is no explosive device active at the moment” calling for testimony, while calling on New Yorkers to stay away from the area.

4:31 PM

What we know in the middle of the afternoon:

  • The American media initially announced the shooting of several people in New York, in a subway station. The facts happened in the morning, American time.
  • The The New York Times And NBC News At least 13 people were injured and taken to hospital, he said, citing a report provided by the firefighters.
  • New York firefighters and police said “unactivated explosive devices” were found at the scene.
  • Law enforcement is looking for a “man in a gas mask and orange jacket,” according to New York media.

4:31 PM

Good morning and hello In this neighborhood dedicated to the New York subway shooting, Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

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