4 Tips to Fix a Slow PC (Easily)

slow computer? It cannot be cured (Getty Images)

Does your computer give in to the smallest task you ask it to do? Wait before throwing it out the window or inquiring about buying a new one. A slow computer can be fixed (easily) and here’s how.

A slow computer can turn any task into an obstacle course. And even the smallest things that make the internet so hot, like downloading a file or watching a video on social media, are next to impossible.

A problem that can be even more crippling with generalized telework. Because, frankly, who wants to spend twice as much time setting up a PowerPoint or filling out an Excel spreadsheet?

Fortunately, this is not irreversible and does not generally require a device change. To restart a slow PC, it’s first a matter of identifying the cause or causes of that slowdown, explained tech and cybersecurity expert Chuck Brooks, president of Brooks Consulting International, at Yahoo.

There are many things that can slow down computer operations.He said. This could be due to configuration issues, malware or spyware infection, RAM overload due to too many apps, files or devices connected, lack of updates or patches or possibly coin mining by hackers encrypted”.

As you can see, the list is long. But the good news is that there are solutions and most of them are easier to implement than we think. So the next time your computer is running at a slow pace, try one (or more) of these.

1. Install optimization software

Installing optimization software can help fix problems that cause your computer to run slow. These tools can improve your device’s capabilities by removing unwanted files from Windows and the Internet, and improve Wi-Fi connectivity and system responsiveness by freeing up storage space.

System Mechanic is a program that improves your computer’s performance by finding and troubleshooting the causes of your computer’s problems, including slowness. It also helps to clean junk files, check for internet connection issues, free up storage space, and identify unwanted startup programs that are running without your knowledge, so that your computer can run efficiently again.

For $4.40 per month, System Mechanic will perform a comprehensive scan of your computer in real time to help it run faster.

2. Update your operating system

Your computer’s operating system is the main program that runs all of its components. Brooks says it’s important to update it regularly. Which in itself doesn’t require much except to run the update properly every time your computer presents it to you via a notification.

Sorting your files can make all the difference (Getty Images)

Sorting your files can make all the difference (Getty Images)

3. Delete unnecessary files

A small “important” gesture according to Brooks, which consists of performing a Regular cleaning of files and applications that you do not need or that are too large.

To do this, open your main hard drive (usually called “drive C”) and click “Properties”. There you will find a list of items that can be deleted, such as temporary files. Go ahead, don’t hesitate and toss the things you don’t use or no longer need. Because no, contrary to what we can say with clothes, it can’t “always come in handy.”

4. Check your privacy settings

If set poorly, your privacy settings may expose you to reclaiming a whole bunch of unwanted files when browsing the web.

“You may want to review your privacy settings to check who can send you notifications or show pop-ups that can be intrusive and slow down your browsing”Brooks advises.

To do this, all you have to do is view your computer’s privacy settings and select the highest possible protection options.

No one is worth wasting their time watching a web page load indefinitely or interrupting their video multiple times, due to not having a device that is not fast enough to work, and not being able to follow you on all your tasks throughout the day. So these simple, simple steps can make a big difference and save you valuable time.

Attempt system mechanic Free for 30 days, then at 4.40 € per month

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