ZLAN 2022: Key Points, Winner… Full Summary

news ZLAN 2022: Key Points, Winner… Full Summary

While the race at the Elysee Palace has just begun its second round, ZLAN 2022, for its part, has already claimed the biggest winner. This time again, the famous ZeratoR event kept all its promises, with competition, passion and above all a good dose of enthusiasm. Did you miss it? Our summary.

It’s now a tradition: every year since 2019, broadcaster Adrien “ZeratoR” Nougaret has organized his ambitious multi-game event, ZLAN. this time, 228 participants divided into 76 trios (Including 40 famous players and the rest of the players selected at random) Compete for three days live on Twitch, from Friday 8 April to Sunday 10. On the show: Games like Riders Republic, Age of Empires IV or Elden Ring, and above all “a prize” Big cash” worth €45,000 for the big winner. A jackpot that is clearly not offered to the first comer, whose owner has found at a cost – very – many twists and turns.

ZLAN 2022, what are the tournament rules?

With 228 participants divided into 76 trios, ZLAN 2022 began with two distinct group stages. In the first stage, everyone was divided into four groups of 19 teams. Only the top six teams from each group were able to advance to the second stage. On this team, we ended up with a total of 24 teams, again divided into four groups. The top eight managed to go to the last tree, then to the quarter, half and final.

ZLAN 2022: April 8th Recap – Group Stage 1

On this first day of competition, participants had to fight over five matches, with Fall Guys and Elden Ring, Zotomand Riders Republic and Apex Legends. So it was the fat and colorful battle royal that made the ball roll. And about it, Ontrem (the FC Flowers team with Pons, Wingooper) isn’t joking. Streamer managed to make two top 1This gives his team good leadership. The rule was simple: be the highest in the rankings over three races to have the best chance of advancing to the rest of the competition. Even better, Onotrim repeated the feat during the second day. It must be said that it was a great performance.

Then, in the Elden Ring sprint relay, Marcote (the “Gamewards” team with Jimdz and Hidan_Ow) bet on strategy Against the tide, first face the Dragon Agheel. Good luck, because that means fighting the fight on foot, minus the grind! But the player did well. On Zutom, we can raise performance From Kameto, but the level was especially high in Apex Legends. The “Slide Into DM” team (Gotaga, Slide, Mickalow) has proven to be very excellent effective But not to the point of stealing the show MoMaN’s great lack of success. As he is about to reach the base of Gotaga, he is deceived. See instead:

ZLAN 2022 – Standings after the first group stage

ZLAN 2022: Key Points, Winner... Full Summary

ZLAN 2022: APRIL 9 REVIEW – 2nd Pools/Quarterfinals

In this second stage of the group stage, the teams have the potatoes, or rather… the bananas! Antoine Daniel is disguised Thus, referring to the famous Fruit Bomb Worms WMD, which opens its doors today. This is also the weapon that will bring good luck to Wingobear, who realizes that Lovely Transfer FC . Flowers, which led to the elimination of many of his opponents with one blow. On the other hand, in Age of Empire IV, Signys don’t benefit from the same luck counters From all wings in a ruthless 6-player game, free for all. Also commendable, the high level in Apex Legends (Gotaga is still very much there) in particular seventeen kills for Hqrdest.

To finish this second stage of the group stage with great fanfare, spectators were treated to a fantastic show on Hotwheels Unleashed, in a 6-player race. A car game inspired by the famous plastic courses, where it is possible to take absolutely crazy shortcuts thanks to the booster. And from this aspect, we have been served, in particular thanks to a Wingobear’s witty “cut” site (But unfortunately, it will only give him second place.) the same for me kenny, one of the winners of ZLAN 21. The day ends and the quarter-final poster is being created. A great achievement for Team Gotaga, he finished 1st in all events.

ZLAN 2022 – Quarter Final Poster

ZLAN 2022: Key Points, Winner... Full Summary

Kick off to the beginning of flight for this final stage, with a rain goals employment Pro Soccer Online. An explosive game like worms, which marks FC Claire’s qualification (Kenny, Hoggardust, Nougat) in the semi-finals. Same for Gotaga’s Slide Into DM and the “Mercatoed” team (Nykho, Titatitutu, Taaktm). Finally, Team Jules (Liv, Schuh, and Oslo) complete the list. The semi-finals are thus distributed as follows: on the one hand, the first fight between FC Claire and Merkatoy, and then the second confrontation opposing Slide Into Dm to Gools.

ZLAN 2022: April 10 Recap – Semi-Final/Grand Final

So it’s the last day of the competition. And for the occasion, ZLAN 2022 has opened its doors to a handful of the lucky ones. So the semi-final match – and the final – will be played in front of the public. The FC Clear/Mercatoide match is expected to be tight. To get to the last duo, you have to score three points in different plays. clear FC Wins Easily the first, on Apex Legends, without conceding a single round to his opponent. But Meracatoed came back to score by step, with the Rocket League. The best, Team Nykho, Titatitutu and Taaktm continue their momentum, industry wonders On the Elden Ring Speed ​​Race (Completed in 21 minutes). Thrill rises, opponents are tied up on Hotwheels, but it’s actually Meracatoed who ends up winning.

The same kind of flips awaits for the Gools/Slide Into DM match. Team Gotaga starts with make Surprise on his landIV, the era of the empire. Jules surprises his world and wins the first point. Ditto on Pro Soccer Online, though Goal From Gotaga at the end of the hour, in the end Jules is the one who wins. But Slide Into DM hasn’t said its last word. His unlucky rival at Elden Ring, dead One shot before the evil Godric ends. Gotaga wins. short lead time. On Hotwheels, Gools are phenomenal. Thus, the Grand Final would oppose Mercatoed to form the Gools.

We’ve finally come to the conclusion of ZLAN 2022 and as far as we can say it’s one-sided. after the beautiful Spear by Meractoed in this release’s surprise game, le chamboule-tout, Jules will simply streak victories. In Apex Legends, first and foremost, especially then in the Riders Republic, but chosen by the opposing team. The Machine Has Already Released: Jules will give a great performance in Age of Empire IV, prior to drawing”Bananas with 45,000 bullets“At Worms. A great victory. Congratulations once again to the players Liv, Schuh and Oslo.

ZLAN 2022 – Final Ranking

ZLAN 2022: Key Points, Winner... Full Summary

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