This week’s 9 indie games not to be missed (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One)

game news This week’s 9 indie games not to be missed (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One)

In April, one should not reveal himself from a thread, but it is desirable to play hidden experiments. Like every week, the JV team selects some indie titles that deserve your attention. Time to highlight some of the experiences you’ll be able to access this week (April 11-15, 2022).


With a name like Uragun, the title of Kool2Play studio clearly shows its ambition to make the powder speak. Or rather, the laser. Uragun is a two-stick arcade game where the player controls a robot looking for its pilot in a world dominated by battling AI systems. With the short levels that we promise intensely, the program promises nice moments of action with obviously enough to improve and customize its arsenal, but also enough to motivate devastating special skills.

  • Release date: April 12, 2022 on PC

my rising star

Hibernian Workshop certainly has more ideas. After the release of Dark Devotion in 2019, the studio is back with a new RPG called Astral Ascent, this time set in a fantasy world. The objective of the title is to get the four heroes/heroines to escape from the “Garden”, a “star prison” guarded by 12 bosses named Zodiac. Although the action is all over the place, according to the trailers, the developers insist that Rogue-Lite has a true story.

  • Release date: April 12, 2022 on PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Series, One


Cathedral has already been released on Switch and PC, and is finally coming to PlayStation 4. Metroidvania, which relies heavily on the ideas of a particular Shovel Knight, is very demanding. Yes, there are a lot of deaths, but that’s part of the old-school fun the studio aims for. In the skin of a daredevil hero, he is required to use his sword, shield and potions/powers to advance in the game’s different environments, ranging from city to dungeons. A classic, sure, but a masterful classic.

  • Release date: April 12 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4

car detailing simulator

Have you ever dreamed of having a fun outing and discovering an abandoned warehouse full of legendary cars that need refurbishment? This is the experience that Car Detailing Simulator promises. If you’re in Forza Horizon, you’d rather personify the person who replenishes the treasures of the barn rather than the one who races, then the Games Incubator is for you. It is up to you to use the many tools available to repair, clean and paint old cars. With resales of the best restored models on the horizon.

  • Release date: April 13 on PC


Lumencraft is one of those indie games that is hard to sum up in one sentence. It is a top-down shooter that features tower defense elements, which puts the player in the middle of a completely destructible world inhabited by dangerous creatures. The purpose of the assignment? Collect Lumen, a crystal capable of generating a lot of energy. How to succeed? By digging tunnels, avoiding lava, building a base and eliminating all the threats you face.

  • Release date: April 13 on PC

Apres – my son to destroy

Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting quietly in front of your computer and starting a game to destroy everything. ABRISS invites the player to create structures that are used to smash other structures in a festival of explosions, smoke and thousands of bricks falling. Little pleasures of life! It will therefore be necessary to carefully select its parts, among the thrusters, bombs, rotors and other laser systems in order to meet the various destruction needs.

  • Release date: April 14 on PC

Cat . Café Manager

After bangs, cute kittens! We all know the famous cat bars by now. But in the quaint village of Bourg-en-Chat, the residents do nothing like the others. The Cat Café manager puts the player in charge of a ‘cafe’, a place where visitors can have delicious drinks. Only here the customers are sometimes humans, sometimes cats, and it will be necessary to show ingenuity to please all these little people. Little by little, the cafe is growing, and the manager will have to hire staff to better meet the expectations of the many visitors.

  • Release date: April 14 on PC and Switch

96 way

After being made available on PC, Switch and PlayStation 4/5 last year, the French title from DigixArt is finally coming to Xbox consoles. As a reminder, Route 96 is a “procedural road trip” where choices affect the adventure route. In the shoes of several fugitives trying to leave the land of Petria, the player during the course of the saga discovers many situations, atmospheres and gameplay mechanics. With a great soundtrack and successful art direction, Route 96 still deserves your attention in 2022.

  • Release date: April 14 on Xbox Series and Xbox One


Ghostlore is a colorful Action-RPG / Hack ‘n’ slash game inspired by Diablo 2 and Titan Quest. Its small originality is the introduction of monsters to encounter from Southeast Asian folklore (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) in a procedurally generated world. Obviously, there are several chapters in the show with Adept, Exorcist, The Warrior, Geomancer, Shadow Assassin, and Sentinel.

  • Release date: April 14 on PC
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