Russian General Dvornikov, Massacre from Chechnya to Donbass – Liberation

The war between Ukraine and RussiaIssue

The Kremlin appointed Alexander Dvornikov to lead the offensive in southeastern Ukraine and allow Vladimir Putin to claim victory before the symbolic date of May 9. His record of service, especially in Syria, earned him a terrible reputation.

Looking at him from Moscow, he’s the right guy for the job. General Alexander Dvornikov, 60, according to the BBC and Sky News, has been chosen to lead the next Russian offensive in Ukraine. This officer, the only army general to command a military district, has been in charge of the region in southern Russia since 2016. This scope of operations includes Crimea, Donbass, and Rostov-sur-le-Don region, as far as he can tell he knows the place. In a matter of hours or days, Dvornikov will be tasked with launching the next Russian offensive in Ukraine with one task: to seize all of Donbass. For this, the soldier will have to improve communication between the various regions, which was missing during the first offensive, which began on February 24.

cannon fodder

It’s time to get ready. For several days, troops have been gathering on the southeastern border of Ukraine. The attack on Mariupol, which is coming to an end, will certainly mark the beginning of this second operation. However, the general’s mission has many limitations. First time. Dvornikov will have to finish his operation, inevitably victorious, in less than a month, before May 9, the day commemorating the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. May 9 is the height of the Russian patriotic spirit, during which a military parade and then a civilian parade are celebrated; Russian President Vladimir Putin will have to be able to score a victory there. Victory will consist in the capture of all Luhansk and Donetsk regions, the borders of which have changed little since the start of the operation. The Russian army, occupied and struggling in Ukraine’s big cities, has hitherto relied on cannon fodder for inexperienced adults mobilized in separatist regions and militias of the Wagner paramilitary organization to try to push the Ukrainian front north.

In eight years, the Ukrainian army created a line of communication that is difficult to penetrate, so a significant part of the Donetsk region was not conquered by Russia. But General Dvornikov will not have to be content with capturing the region: he will have, in the words of the Kremlin, to disarm it by encircling as many Ukrainian soldiers as possible. The scenario is known in advance because hard-liners in the Kremlin have been dreaming about it since 2014. While in recent days, these warmongers have been fervent and screaming every time the Kremlin hints that a military operation may be coming to an end, Dvornikov will be responsible for presenting their pride on a platter at 9 mayo.

honoring the nation

Alexander Dvornikov also impresses experts on the Syrian question. Because the soldier is not known to be involved in lace, let alone associated with the rules of war. Since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Syria, he has also been the commander of the group of Russian armed forces located there. In 2015, under his leadership, NGOs widely accused Russian forces in Syria of bombing civilian neighborhoods and targeting hospitals. on The New York TimesRami Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, sees this as an example Bashar al-Assad is not the only person responsible for the killing of civilians in Syria: it should be General Alexander Dvornikov, too. As the commander of military operations, this means that he is behind the killing of Syrian civilians.”

Needless to say, Dvornikov has the right resume for the job. Born in 1961 in Ussurisk in the Far East, before leaving to study in Moscow where he received a diploma with honors from the Higher School of Combined Arms Command. In 1982, he served in the Far Eastern Military District as a platoon commander, company commander, and battalion chief of staff. From 1995 to 2000 he was commander of a motorized rifle regiment of the Moscow Military District. When the second Chechen war was in full swing, he was later appointed commander of a motorized rifle division of the North Caucasus Military District. It is clear that this profession involves honors from the nation. The general was awarded the title of “Hero of the Russian Federation” in 2016 and was appointed general of the army in 2020. While the first intervention of the Russian army in Ukraine raised many questions about his true capabilities, General Dvornikov will be responsible, for the few weeks allotted to him, to serve, these Time, quickly and efficiently.

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