Riders Republic: Brilliant Luxury calls itself the video game, and it’s free!

game news Riders Republic: Brilliant Luxury calls itself the video game, and it’s free!

Ubisoft announces two ads for the extreme sports game Riders Republic. First, a free four-day period. Above all, Ubisoft announces a partnership with the popular Prada brand.

Ubisoft keep playing his game Republic of Raiders through various in-game events, by expanding the possibilities of customization. Publisher A . announces Free Weekend (for four days)while presenting Partnership with Prada.

The knight wears Prada

Prada is an Italian brand of luxury leather goods and ready-to-wearFamous all over the world. Luxury calls itself on the slopes, as Prada has signed a partnership with Ubisoft for the Riders Republic game. The divisions of the game’s social hub, Riders Ridge, were there Re-decorated in the colors of the Prada Linea Rossa collection. above all, Customized activities and cosmetics may be added:

  • Prada Beyond The Line he is Playable event solo or against your friends. This is a new version of one of the snow gardens.The most symbolic of the republicUbisoft announces. The event will allow you to use it for free unique sleds, faction x Prada Linea Rosa; New jumbo bike and new freestyle snowmobile. Note that the snowmobile will then be available for season pass holders or for individual purchase from February 16th.
  • Authentic in-game clothesDesigned by Prada exclusively for gaming. three fashion Will be available: Full wild bar outfitunlocked by completing the first week of Shackdaddy Bandits Weekly Challenges. Camouflage and flame clothes It must be opened via Prada Sponsor.
  • Prada’s new sponsor program It will allow you to unlock many exclusive equipment within the game. Prada has designed a file Bike, skate and snowboardand the Two more sets It was already mentioned (available from February 16) that you can gain it by taking on several challenges of different types, and by achieving the top 20 in the program.

The partnership was commented on by both parties, and it is clear that it is appropriate for some words of congratulations and praise to the other:

We are excited to partner with a creative company like Ubisoft to bring our own vision into the game. The Riders Republic is all about sport and outdoor performance, so it’s a perfect pairing with the Linea Rossa range. Technology and innovation have always been an integral part of Prada. So we will continue to explore new scenarios as exciting opportunities arise for the brand to build authentic and authentic experiences.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group Marketing Director and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Prada to design authentic sports apparel and equipment, as part of their Linea Rossa collection, and showcased at the Riders Republic. We are committed to providing our players with a rich and varied gaming experience and are keen to hear their feedback on this new in-game content and this original collection.

Arno Ragot, Game Director at Ubisoft Annecy

4 free days and the game -50%

Those who wish Walking around in the Italian brand’s signature suits without spending a penny will be so Happy to hear that A four-day session will be offered free of charge In the Republic of Riders, Only on keyboards. From February 10 at 5 PM until February 14 at 8 PM, all PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One players will be able to try Riders Republic for free (the game can be pre-downloaded before the free session on PlayStation consoles). They will have access to All core game contentand they will be able to continue their adventure by maintain their progress If they buy the game. exactly , Republic of Riders (all editions) In addition to its annual pass, it’s currently half-priced. reduce 50% valid on all platforms, including on PC. Finally, note that on PC, Steep owners will also be able to Get the Steep Rewards Pack for free On Ubisoft Connect, in Riders Republic.

Riders Republic: Brilliant Luxury calls itself the video game, and it's free!

Prada Linea Rossa’s range and activities are already available at Riders Republic. Free Weekend will only be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One from February 10-14.

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