How to attract the audience’s attention in front of a computer screen?

The key to a successful event is keeping the audience engaged. A fact that everyone agrees on, but it is difficult to implement. This article takes a look at what it takes to make a virtual conference interesting.

Indeed, innovation in public participation is more important than ever. Virtual and in-person tactics should be used to engage the audience and collect important data. Here are some ways to generate public interest.

Hire a facilitator to host the virtual event

Do we really need a presenter (or presenter) to implement an online program? It’s legitimate to ask the question, given the additional costs this causes.

Companies often underestimate their role

Thus, some will say “no facilitator needed, it’s not too complicated” because they’ve already had dozens of meetings on Zoom or Teams for two years. Similarly, some believe that for an online agreement the exchanges will take place without problems, since the floor is transmitted from one speaker to another.

Finally, there are those who will choose an amateur host from the tiers of the community to host their virtual event. given reason? The show will only last an hour and a half and it will be easy to entertain 500 people online.

Why is this such a big mistake

Indeed, the absence of a presenter is seriously detrimental to the smooth running of an online event. Hence, a study done by an online event expert moss Prove That The average loss rate is between 10 to 20% Over the course of the event compared to the largest audience without a moderator. Indeed, it can be difficult to replicate tangible energy directly through a computer screen, as electronic viewers easily open other windows on their computers.

However, in the presence of a presenter, the The containment loss rate is less than 5%. As a result, event organizers virtual hosts are the gateway to the homes of virtual event participants. They automatically guide them through the content of the event, rather than taking them from room to room.

However, if it constitutes one Key success factors for a virtual event, The presenter’s impact must be put into perspective. In fact, there are other criteria to consider.

Entertain attendees at a virtual event

Keeping attendees engaged, motivated and interested is a huge challenge at any event. This is because audiences cannot absorb a set of information for a long time, especially if they receive it via a computer screen. Thus, if the program does not provide regular breaks, participants will begin to disconnect, both literally and figuratively.

Entertainment provides them Fun and lively activities. It helps them relax and clear their heads, so they can stay alert and focused for the next session.

For example, participants can visit a scenic destination, swim with sharks, or walk in space using a simple virtual reality (VR) app.

For participants to feel connected, Digitization Any event must be considered at all levels. It is also possible that escape room design, So the audience can actually feel like they’re moving through a physical space and playing the game. These options can be combined gamification tactics for virtual events to make it more attractive.

The importance of decoration for virtual events

The Create an efficient environment Important to deliver a high-quality event and provide attendees with a consistent speaker-to-speaker experience. In fact, setting up a theme background or video screen helps build brand awareness and grab the audience’s attention. However, care must be taken to ensure that the decor is attractive enough without distracting speakers at the other end of the room.

Well-defined and targeted decoration can Effectively conveys a message and tells a story. This can be achieved by choosing a sober and unobtrusive presentation or audiovisual technology and lighting. These allow you to attract attention and create a real impact. In fact, what matters are the goals you aim during the event.

Decoration can also be used in Highlight event sponsors Or thank those who made it possible. You can do this with digital signage, brand colors, lighting, display, digital banners on your screen, and more.

Choose the best speakers for this event

Choosing a speaker is critical to the success of the event. will the speaker Add value to the conference by increasing its notoriety, An essential element in the implementation of the advertising campaign. The tone of the event depends on the chosen speaker. The latter becomes the spokesperson for the brand and his reputation can improve the reputation of the company. A good speaker can have an impact on the results that are obtained.

But how do you find the right speaker for your next event?

Here are some questions to ask before looking for a speaker:

  • What is the main objective of the event?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What type of personality is suitable for the event?
  • How much is the budget?
  • What is the purpose of a guest speaker?

Answering the above questions should give a better idea of ​​the type of speaker you are looking for.

Why is content the default event engine?

Content is the most important component of a virtual event. You have to think carefully about what the audience should remember. The best way to plan content is Start with the end in mind. To do this, it is necessary make a plan To put together the most important points to make, and then create slides with powerful images to support those points.

Once you select the plan, it is necessary Create a visual story. To do this, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a film producer, not a writer. The plan has already been used to create the film’s “script”. Now you have to revive this scenario Using images, not text-heavy slides.

For example, the use of video and live broadcasting provides more opportunities to present content more creatively. There is also a hybrid format that allows for pre-recording and speaker engagement. The latter can then answer the questions and conclude the event with the next steps and actions to be taken.

Sandra Gallant’s testimony about Irelia’s collaboration with Elga

the society Irelia Called ALGA – Virtual Convention Center A live broadcast that brought together more than 650 connected employees.

Sandra Gallant, Head of Communications, testified to the smooth running of the collaboration. She revealed, “The partnership with the studio has gone very well. Within weeks they have We succeeded in meeting the challenge we presented to them.

The digital platform allows the user to navigate through the event intuitively. It has all the essential features to adapt to the size and needs of events.

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