Hirondelle Golf Course is organizing its first Grand Prix this weekend

“Very cool set for the first time”, Welcomes the new president, who succeeded last year’s historic Alan George Calmils at the helm of the…

“Very cool set for the first time”, Welcomes the new president, who succeeded last year to the historic Alan George Calmils at the head of an association claiming the will “Out of the self”.

35 of the 70 participants are under the age of 18, some of whom are likely to be professionals in the future.

“We want to maintain the union aspect while developing the sporting aspect. This is our pillar,” He insists on the person who is also the principal of Saint Paul High School in Angouleme. Inexhaustible in praise of qualities “For a sport where you fight yourself above all else”, But who still sometimes finds it difficult to get rid of the enhanced image.

‘A real environmental concern’

François Constantin, highlights 700 licensees Including 390 members (Editor’s note: Members pay €1,100 per year to play as much as they want, and licensees pay for each course). »

He also praised the work of the golf school “in which we invest a lot”, And the exceptional location magic it counts on to make this Grand Prix, the first in its name, an unmissable event on the calendar.

Even if it is also necessary to deal with some disadvantages: “It’s tough terrain that can discourage some downhill players. We only have 35 hectares, which is two times less than the average size of French golf courses and some holes may lack a bit of length »he explains. “But in return, we have very good, very good green roads. (see box).

The fruit of the daily work of the four full-time employees dedicated to green spaces, under the leadership of Eric Bonfont, whose qualities L’Hirondelle President praised “Green Ranger, course host.” At the same time as becoming a lawyer “Really environmentally relevant: we no longer use pesticides, manage irrigation is drastic, prefer drought-resistant seeds and pay close attention to animal/plant biodiversity.”

Future Young Pros

All for the sake of a postcard that is really worth the detour at the end of the steep path that leads to the restaurant and club offices. Hence the Grand Prix contenders will take off on Saturday, for three days of competition after Thursday’s designated poll.

“High quality board. It will be a good match.” François Constantin repeats, in evocation “About twenty passive players”. For beginners, i.e. those classified below the standard. And if everyone is still amateurs35 out of 70 are under 18, and some may be future professionals because the index, or disability, is three or less to become one.

These emerging champions, who will face three Hirondelle players rated “2” or less, Aurèle Montalétang Galibert, Nicolas Bastère and Karl Tanganelli, will subsequently travel to Angouleme in search of points to rank up, “Because this competition has significance in the national ranking.” with carrot “First-time cash donation: €5,300, with gender equality”.

Grand Prix d’Angoulême at Hirondelle Golf Course. Friday and Saturday from 9:30 am Sunday from 9 am

Small glossary for beginners

Golf is a sport that has its own vocabulary. Here is the basic for beginners, from the “Passion of Golf” site.
club. The stick is used to hit the ball. Wood is a club with heads made of hardwood or metal. Irons are batons with a narrow metal tip.
tee. A small wooden or plastic object to be buried in the ground at the beginning of the hole on which the ball is placed.
Fairway. Part of the shear path between the tee and the green.
green. The part of the land around the hole where the grass is mowed and rolled. Green is where to put.
raw. Part of the path that borders the lane on each side as well as near the green area. It’s a bit of unearthed ground that’s sometimes hard to get the ball out of.
the basement. Hurdle in gloom covered with sand. There are bunkers near the green but also on the track. They are there to make the tournament more difficult and punish bad shots.
by. The perfect score on the hole. There are only 3, 4 and 5.

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