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A year of content, and here we are already evaluating one of the most popular gatcha games in the world. good name?

Comparison no longer needs to be

After a year of running (and raising billions of dollars), Genshin Impact has carved out a unique place for itself in the video game market. If Sony currently stays on consoles, having them on computers and mobile phones makes them accessible to as many people as possible. But what distinguishes the title from another game of the same genre is undoubtedly its strangeness. In most gachas on iOS and Android, the rule of “a lot of lists with a lot of information” is generally ordered. For Genshin Impact, MiHoyo chose something more subtle, and above all, more accessible to ordinary humansinspired by adventures like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to explore, or NieR: Automata for its animation.

The Jinshin Effect: After a year, should we depose the Gacha King?

So what is left of the comparisons that could be made just a year ago? good to be honest, The studio behind the title has managed to develop its formula, carefully avoiding quirks of this kind. If we are regularly able to be generous with MiHoyo’s changing geometry when it comes to distributing what we make desires (famous Primogems) and thus unlocking new characters, then on the other hand It’s hard to question the constant availability of updates. Because in one year, Genshin Impact not only offered additional features: the game also convinced many rebels by adding huge content at times, and by continuing its main story.

The Jinshin Effect: After a year, should we depose the Gacha King?

This person, centered around the fate of the hero who is looking for his brother or sister (depending on the gender of your main character), continues his fun path. And if many answers still have to be given, then we can not say that the screenwriters are satisfied with the minimum. The global staging is still there, even when it comes to repeatable content, just like writing turns out to be more sustainable than we can imagine. in general, Even when the game does not invite us to discover the secrets of the main mission, the side missions in general are of good qualityThus preventing boredom from appearing.

Never a boring game

The Jinshin Effect: After a year, should we depose the Gacha King?

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember from the past twelve months: Genshin Impact is never boring, and it’s all the less when the adventure begins along the way. Due to the PvE structure, MiHoyo gacha never pays to buy. The economic model of the game, free to play, is to make players pay for their desires, which will allow them to unlock 4 or 5 star characters, or weapons of the same quality, in order to develop their roster, offering effective combos. These same sets based on a fairly classic system of rock and paper scissors, which could have been replaced by elements that could be combined with each other.

If it’s not necessarily easy to manage on your own when you really want to start customizing your characters, by recovering very specific artifacts, Genshin Impact before that presents an epic with particularly generous content. Whether it’s through temporary regions, launched as part of various events, or simply during major patches, which provide dozens of hours to explore, it’s hard to see the end.

The last big area so far, Inazuma, isn’t quite complete, but it It’s already particularly intense, as the missions are long and fun to follow. Added to this are many secrets, puzzles and bosses to conquer. Each area has its own atmosphere, so it’s not just copy/paste. Thus, Inazuma will remind us of feudal Japan, with its purple coloration and its islands of a different structure each time. All bathing in it Amazing Art Directionwithout relying on music, the true title gem (also available on streaming platforms).

All this…for free?!

The Jinshin Effect: After a year, should we depose the Gacha King?

But over the months, MiHoyo has not only focused on the arrival of new areas to explore because the studio also has a good idea of ​​improving the overall experience, particularly by offering more and more secondary options, such as housing, with a Serenitheater, several major interface improvements, and many more. In-game and web events. so yes, 5 star character drop rate is still very low compared to other competitors (Especially the seventh epic), yes, the Battle Pass is still the same after a year, making it useless after a while, but no, Genshin Impact does not require payment to play in full. Within a few months I only spent 25€ in total (battle ticket and credit to collect Primogym daily for 30 days), and without playing for hours to make sure I had all the primes. My main roster only has one five-star character, without me having any real difficulty with the challenges. No matter what you can read here and there, where to see on YouTube and Twitch when videographers have fun spending thousands of euros For all the characters of the game, they do not really represent the experience we can have in Genshin Impact.

Once you play regularly, Exploration as well as the drive to achieve various secondary goals will allow you to regularly receive enough to earn many wishesWithout spending a penny. Thus, what we were afraid of when the game was launched is not relevant a little more than a year later.

The Jinshin Effect: After a year, should we depose the Gacha King?

Note as you scroll that cross-save is finally available for PlayStation 4 and 5 players. If the “next generation” version of Genshin Impact offers 60 frames per second and graphics close to what we find on PC, The PS4 version also benefited from several fixes that correct the frame rate. For the mobile version, if you have the right hardware, 60fps is obviously required, despite the many visual effects of areas and spells.

strength point

  • Amazing Inazuma
  • Via Save to All Media
  • Particularly generous in content
  • Excellent OST
  • Payment is never necessary
  • masked scene
  • Regular and comprehensive updates

Weak points

  • Low 5 stars somewhat
  • Many farms for secondary content
  • Multiplayer game still tale

Forget the foul language, Genshin Impact is, after a year, a staple of the genre. Very generous (too!) in content, with great graphics and amazing theater, MiHoyo RPG-gacha has conquered our preconceptions to become a rare quality game, no matter what platform you’re developing on. Complete, and full of sexy universe provided you’re not entirely allergic to a “kawaïesque” atmosphere, Genshin Impact doesn’t finish surprising us, in fact justifying a degree higher than the original.


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