CQFR the last night of the regular season

The results of the night in the NBA

@ Pacers Clear : 126-134
@ processors Hornets : 108-124
@ dollars compete : 115-133
hawks @Rocket: 130-114
Celtics @grizzles: 139-110
wild birds @ nicks : 94-105
the heat @ Charm : 111-125
pistons @ Sixers : 106-118
bulls @wolves: 124-120
@spurs mavs : 120-130
thunder @ clippers : 88-138
the Warriors @Swans: 128-107
kings @Albars: 116-109
Jazz @ Blazers: 111-80
Lakers @nuggets: 146-141, after extra time

Ben Simmons, VIDEO and fans are excited about his possible return to the playoffs

– You got off to a bad start, but Brooklyn will finally play well in the game as the No. 7, with little commitment to beating Cleveland at home, which is a slingshot self-evident. Kevin Durant and teammates, who won at home against the Pacers at the end of the regular season. KWD finished off a triple-double by breaking his career high in assists (16) to score 20 points and 10 rebounds, while Kerry earned 35 points.

The Cavs, with Evan Mobley, whose ankle appears to be fine, ended up on a high note by beating Milwaukee quite easily thanks to 32 points from Kevin Love. The Bucks obviously put everyone to rest and gave it a chance Sandro Mamokilashvili (28 points, 13 rebounds) and Thanassis Antikonmo (27 points) to extend their legs.

– Boston proved its second place in the East by playing the shot seriously against Memphis. Jason Tatum (31 points) and his family roaming around before letting Ime Udoka empty his seat. Yves Ponce He was entitled to 26 minutes of play off the bench with the Grizzlies, a time for him to dodge 3 blocks with 6 points.

– without playing Joel Embiid He won the top scorer of the season in the NBA. The Sixers without him beat Detroit, with 30 points from Shake Milton and 50 points for a pair Therese Maxi – Paul Reed (25 points each). Philadelphia couldn’t do better than fourth in the East and you’ll find Toronto in the first round. The Raptors crashed into Madison Square Garden, where Obi Tobin He did a gallop (42 points, 10 rebounds on 16/28) to confirm his rise.

Klay Thompson (41 points) He was in heat to face the Pelicans and help the Warriors maintain their third place in the West thanks to a major victory. The pressure had to be contained from the Mavs distance.

Dallas, specifically, is experiencing some cold sweats. Admittedly, the Mavs beat San Antonio and will face Utah in the first round. But Luka Doncic, who was finally present after his 16th technical error of the season, which resulted in a calf injury during the match, was called off. Hopefully this is just a precaution, but the Slovenian’s absence from qualifying would be disastrous.

The Lakers ended this rotten season with a notable overtime victory over Denver. The Nuggets, of course, had their CEO Nikola Jokic in mind. monk owner (41 points, career record) He noted that he worked hard all year long to help keep the ship afloat, with no real recognition at the end. The most amazing performance came fromAustin Reeves, the author of his first hat-trick in the NBA with 31 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists. As an icon, these two players, with the exception of LeBron, who have been without a doubt the most reliable all season…

– Thunder has been smashed by clippers, but we will especially remember Double Jaylen Howard, who continues to show an exceptional sense of recovery since returning to the NBA. The Frenchman has 14 points and 15 rebounds with three assists, one steal, and one hit. We almost wish him that the season still had a dozen or so games left to allow him to continue this impressive dynamic.

Without Chris Paul or Devin Booker, Phoenix lost its last game of the season against the Kings, thus maintaining a record 64 wins, the best in its history.

Rudy Gobert He finished his regular season with a fresh double (18 points, 13 rs, 2 points) against Portland, before finding Dallas in the first round of the playoffs for an uncertain poster given Utah’s difficulties this season.

– Atlanta retained its ninth place and home advantage in the first playoff that came against Charlotte, unsurprisingly eliminating Houston thanks to Tra Young (28 points, 11 by weight) and Danilo Galinari (26 points). Meanwhile, the Hornets did the job by taking care of Washington under the pair’s impetus Lamelo Ball – Terry Roser (49 piasters cumulative).

Galen Green He finished his rookie season with a personal performance with 41 points and a good scoring dynamic after a slow start in the NBA.

It was the last night of the NBA regular season and now we know the posters and the various intrigues of the playoffs and playoffs. Here are the upcoming meetings:

East play championship

Brooklyn (7): Cleveland (8)
Atlanta (9): Charlotte (10)

Eastern Qualifiers

Miami (1) vs. Brooklyn, Cleveland, Atlanta or Charlotte
Boston (2) vs. Brooklyn or Cleveland
Milwaukee 3:6 Chicago.
Philadelphia (4) – Toronto (5)

Championship play in the West

Minnesota 7: Los Angeles Clippers (8)
New Orleans (9): San Antonio (10)

Western Qualifiers

Phoenix (1) vs. Minnesota, Los Angeles Clippers, New Orleans or San Antonio
Memphis (2) – Minnesota or Los Angeles Clippers
Golden State (3): Denver (6)
Dallas 4: 5 Utah

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