Basketball: JDA Dijon lowered the Champagne Basket in the last quarter

After sinking for three quarters against the Champagne Basket on Friday, November 12 at the Palais des Sports, JDA Dijon woke up in the final period of play to reverse direction and win miraculously (94-89). David Holston – who was finally helped by his teammates and especially Abdullah Lom – still counts a lot.

This season, JDA Dijon is alternating between good and less good, and even bad, not to say worse. The opposition against Champagne Basket on Friday, November 12, 2021 led to a disturbing three-quarter appearance against a team from Châlons-Reims with the same record in the Betclic Elite (3 wins – 4 losses before the match).

Admittedly, Dijon basketball players were only one point behind after the first ten minutes of play, and only eight points behind in the first half (40-48). But their performance does not actually indicate the opposite.

David Holston alone too

On the side of Dijon, who was denied Sic Henry who had never made a trip to Limoges so that he could solve personal problems according to the club, Holston’s dependence was very clear – 10 points out of 19 of his tally. team at first. The result of the first quarter, 18 points out of 40 after two quarters – the other points scored were the result of individual actions. What can we also say defensively, except that the opponents found the shot windows to equalize or to serve a colleague in the back of the Dijon defense, even under the basket.

In the first half, both Scotty Reynolds and Neil Sacco scored more than ten points in a group that contrasted with Dijon’s, looking muddy in defense and an attacking mess. The Champagne Basket captain could boast of scoring ten consecutive points in the second quarter to allow his team to take a clear lead.

The start of the third quarter was misleading. 6-0, two points behind, JDA Dijon may have been back in the game with an average of a few well-executed sequences, but the immediate consequences will only add to the annoyance. With a streak of 0-14 cashed in less than five minutes and a 16-point deficit at the start of the last ten minutes of play (56-72).

Abdullah blame hears the voice of the revolution

To tell the truth, few people in the palace could objectively believe in JDA Dijon’s rebellion on Friday night. Meanwhile, he was not forbidden, worrying again, thinking that the performance could go wrong and end in a rut. Yes, but now, in a complex season at the moment, Dijon have shown they have the resources and dignity, and that they want to remain undefeated at home this season.

If David Holston doesn’t slow down, it’s the wrath of insider Abdoulaye Lum that has prompted Dijon basketball players to revolt, setting off a somewhat crazy reversal of the situation, sparking frenzy and euphoria in a post-explosion gym. wake up his players.

11-0 to start the fourth quarter, 78-76 on Tap Dunk from Jack Alling after a short-range shot too long by David Holston, 89-85 minutes from the last bell on a three-point shot by Robin Ducotti. That’s it, we’ve seen many Dijon items activate to snatch victory. Not forgetting, as we said, the abundance of energy, combat, points and bounces that Abdallah Loum, the “Best Player of the Hearts” gave on Friday, so much so that his decisive actions made the surroundings of the Sports Palace shake.

17 points on 8/11 on shots, plus 8 rebounds and 1 in particular, inner Dijon was crucial at the end of the match as he also had to hold his breath, as in the three-point attempt in Elijah Brown’s corner to equalize and possibly send both teams to Extra work. His foot on the side line to dodge two Dijon defenders just before his shot was fired was a victory sign for JDA Dijon, whose leader, the undeniable one-time best player of the match, did not crack on the free throw line, despite a bad evening for the team in this Exercise (success rate of 66.7% only).

Even if it is necessary to review and analyze the match because Dijon has been out of the game on several occasions, even if David Holston was not always able to score more than 30 points (33 points and 5 assists), the end result is also important, as is the case For the observed revolution. It is always better to win before welcoming Malaga on Tuesday 16 November as part of the Basketball Champions League.

The overall style leaves something to be desired, but victory is within reach. Allows Dijon’s team to balance its league record (4v-4d). And for the record, Nenad Markovic’s players have not totaled 94 points since the first day of the tournament on October 1 (94-78 against Paris Baskett).

Alex Berther
Photos: Alex Brether

At Dijon, Sports Palace, JDA Dijon beat Champagne Basket: 94-89 (19-20, 21-28, 16-24, 38-17).
JDA Dijon points: Holston (33), Loum (17), Katic (12), Ducoté (8), Alingue (7), Kelly (6), Simon (4), Ware (4), Galliou (3)), Camardin (0), Simon (0, not played).
Champagne basket points: Reynolds (23), Grantham (18), Henry (11), Lawal (11), Sako (11), Biggarin (8), Brown (5), Mpeda (2), Gudu Sinha (0), Bastien (0, did not play), Dansoko (0, did not play), Silibango (0, did not play).

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