The war in Ukraine is alive: Nine humanitarian corridors open to evacuate civilians


Pope calls for Easter truce

The Sovereign Pontiff wants to “find peace” on Easter, April 17.


A mass grave was discovered near Kyiv

According to the Ukrainian authorities, citing Reuters, dozens of bodies were found in a pit near a gas station in the village. Several similar graves have already been discovered in the metropolitan area, which has been besieged by the Russian army for several weeks.


EU to discuss Moscow’s sixth sanctions package on Monday

“We have just imposed severe sanctions on Russia and are preparing for a sixth wave,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced Friday, during her visit to Kaif with Chief of Diplomacy Josep Borrell. During their meeting, the ministers will discuss with the International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan the European Union’s support for investigations into possible war crimes in Ukraine.


“Brilliant” Ukrainian trains

“Hello, I’m Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, traveling on a wonderful Ukrainian Railways train from Poland to Kyiv,” he declared in the video, showing him standing on board a train, dressed in a white shirt and dark blue jacket. We’ll call you here iron people. It is related to your work, but it reflects your mentality, the real mentality shown by the Ukrainians in resisting the terrible Russian aggression, ”

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Nine human corridors

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk announced on her Telegram account, that humanitarian corridors opened on Sunday to allow residents to flee. One caravan will leave from Mariupol towards Zaporizhia, another from Berdyansk, Enerhodar and Tokmak. Five more are planned to be established in the Luhansk region.


Damaged school and apartment buildings in Luhansk

Local Ukrainian officials announced the bombing of a school and several apartment buildings early Sunday. One person was injured and a fire broke out, according to the authorities. The residents were evacuated in time.

The governor of the Luhansk region wrote on Telegram: “Two high-rise buildings in the new district of the city, as well as a secondary school were targeted by intense bombing by the Russian army.”


Dnipropetrovsk bombing

Last night, the Russian army carried out new strikes on the central-eastern region of Dnipropetrovsk, according to the region’s governor. Among the targets: infrastructure in Dnipro (where there will be at least one victim), industrial sites in Pavlohrad and an agricultural building, identifies the local leader on Facebook.


prisoner exchange

Ukraine announced that it has conducted a new prisoner exchange with Russia, allowing the release of 12 Ukrainian soldiers and 14 civilians.


The contradictions of the Russian denial of the Kramatorsk station bombing

Russia denies responsibility for the bombing of the Kramatorsk station, where about 50 civilians were killed on Friday. Without evidence accusing Ukraine. But his defense is undermined. Find our decoders here.


Demonstrations in Germany against “Fear of Russia”

To oppose the wave of “Russian fear” that erupted in Germany, demonstrations in the form of a motorcade of cars flying Russian flags were held in the country, which has the largest community in the European Union. Parades are scheduled for Sunday, particularly in Frankfurt and Hanover.


Donetsk region under fire

The region’s governor, Pavlo Kirilenko, said in a Telegram Saturday evening that the explosions left 5 dead and 5 wounded in the Donetsk region. In Lysytchansk, a small town in the Lugansk region, Mayor Olexandre Zaïka called on residents to leave as soon as possible. “The situation in the city is very tense, I ask you to evacuate. It is becoming very difficult, enemy shells are falling everywhere,” he said in a message on Telegram. “Waiting for a major Russian attack, Ukrainian soldiers and elements of regional defense are busy fortifying their positions and digging new trenches in the Parvenkov area.” The eastern countryside of the country, roadsides were mined, and anti-tank obstacles were installed at all road junctions.


Odessa under pressure

Seven missiles fell overnight from Saturday to Sunday in the Mykolaiv region, about 100 kilometers northeast of Odessa, the country’s third largest city and the main strategic port on the Black Sea, according to the local military command.

Odessa was also threatened with strikes, in turn, issuing a curfew from Saturday evening to Monday morning.


The evacuation of Kramatorsk continues

Two days after the Kramatorsk station massacre in which 52 civilians, including five children, were killed as they were preparing to flee in a raid attributed to a Russian missile, the evacuation of residents continues on Sunday. Moscow denied responsibility for the strike, going so far as to denounce the Ukrainian “provocation”.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Verychuk said 4,532 civilians had been evacuated.


Five civilians were killed in the bombing in the east

Five people were killed and five others were injured, today, Saturday, in Russian bombing in eastern Ukraine, which expects a major Russian attack on its territory, according to what the region’s governor said on Telegram in the evening. Today, five people were killed as a result of Russian strikes in the Donetsk region. (…) Five more people were injured,” said Pavlo Kirilenko.


“Ukraine is ready for the big battles”

Ukraine is ready for big battles. Ukraine’s Interfax news agency quoted Ukrainian presidential adviser Michalo Podolyak as saying that Ukraine should win it, including Donbass, the eastern region of the country.

“When that happens, Ukraine will have a stronger position in the negotiations, which will allow it to impose certain conditions,” he added.


Evacuations continue

Two days after the massacre of the Kramatorsk station (east), in which 52 civilians, including five children, were killed, who were preparing to flee in a raid attributed to a Russian missile, the evacuation of residents continues.

Moscow denied responsibility for the strike, going so far as to denounce the Ukrainian “provocation”.

On Sunday, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Verychuk said that 4,532 civilians had been evacuated the previous day.

The majority left the Zaporizhia region, she added, adding that nearly 200 people managed to leave the besieged coastal city of Mariupol (south) and more than a thousand people fled from Melitopol, Lysechanssk, Severodonetsk, Rubezny, Krymina and Popasna in the Luhansk region.


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And welcome to this direct speech dedicated to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, on the forty-sixth day of fighting.

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