Scotty Schaeffler is still up front in Augusta, and Cameron Smith is on his heels

Global warming is taking a short break this week in Georgia and for the 2022 Masters, it feels like the British Open. At Magnolia Lane, we haven’t been too cold since 2007 (13°C at best, except for the breeze) and it makes sense, Penny’s, neck warmers, and longbows came out in this third round as the players’ hands spent their spare time. their trouser pockets.

Finger drugged tiger

Like Friday, the wind made the course more eclectic and it was Tiger Woods who caught a cold first. “without feeling” On the Greens and clearly off the dash, the American missed a hole number 5 in one metre, on his first 4-football career at Augusta. This double bogey was even accompanied by a second, at 18, to wrap up Saturday with a score of 78 (41, +7). Either his worst result in 93 laps on the territory of Bobby Jones. Even if it’s not yet known what the rest of his season will be made of, this Masters’ open pit pose at least gives him a good overview of his game reactions and physique. This is three months of the British Open in St Andrews, which, depending on the weather in Scotland, will be very tough on his battered body.

“The wind blew all day. With the increasing cold, the bullet didn’t go far. I found it tough. I don’t feel like I shot the ball wrong, but I did four three-shots and four at once.”

It’s hovering in a corner Amen

If Woods froze his top 10 hopes on Saturday, others managed to warm up. Furious after turning 76 on Thursday, and relaunching the next day along with 67 others in line with his standards, Justin Thomas launched an embryonic comeback on the go (Birdy 2 and 3). Following him on the crucial 10-15 lane made it possible to realize the difficulty of designing a shot in Augusta, where the wind comes and goes, fanning through the pines, sometimes disappearing abruptly before reappearing once the ball has hovered. As coach and analyst Peter Costis brilliantly tweeted: “In these circumstances, Augusta National requires choosing the right shot, the right club, and above all… at the right time.”

Demonstration with JT, who thought over three minutes to determine his second shot of 11 (finally 15 meters shorter than the flag) and another three minutes on the next hole to get to the green. Hole number 12 is barely 140 metres, but its departure is exposed to the four winds, the air tunnel through the middle of the road and the green is completely sheltered, making this phantom freeze the most famous in the world of golf.

Schwarzel eagle

4:15 p.m. The unmissable stand of Hole 11 (also overlooking Hole 12) gives little applause… to the sun, which comes first in the afternoon to warm wet noses. Charles Schwarzel then succeeded in the day’s reversal, giving what looks like a fever to the leaderboard. At 10, iron shot from 125 m, retrospective, bingo: an eagle for southern Africa, which then climbed to -6 total. Same warm-up later with Cameron Smith, who we mentioned after collapsing on Friday (76) with the sparrows on the 10th, 13th and 15th that the guy with the mullet/mustache combo would undoubtedly win the Masters. Even other key elements like rolling and throwing a ball are fun.

Scheffler as usual

A few microwaves here and there, but nothing that rocks Scotty Scheffler. With his tight, sleeveless jacket, the No. 1 world number one certainly didn’t buy his stockpile of charisma overnight, but his near-regular appearance finally gives him a certain amount of sympathy. A little as if the Certified Texans were this great club and good dough, with the entire game inside from the tee to the undeniable head green of the game. Drawing becomes his signature. Especially when he misses his shot, like on Saturday the 13th, with the Saturday night fever over.

Starting with a five-game lead (-8), Schaeffler could have frozen the championship on Saturday. And without the specter of the three comebacks (exiting the bunker long at 12, 3 pitches at 15), we could have even started writing his nonchalant obituaries from Sunday breakfast. But with the game getting more defensive (we can understand, on a track where, as Shane Lowry said on Friday, “anything can change in a bad shot”), this sweet Scottie had the class by not starting the tournament by skinning. His iron shot of the magnificent 17th bird (80 cm from the hole, for his last bird of the day) does not make us forget the last tense “snap”. A failed drive on the left in the Pampa, followed by a VAR worthy seminar with the jury, ending with a well-preserved final ghost. His 71 and a total of -9 give a spooky suspense for the final round to come.


The number of birds that Scottie Scheffler has recorded in 54 holes including 6 yesterday alone. #1 in the world is the only player on the field to have completed the three holes below level.

With Smith curling his mustache at -6 and Sungjae Im at -4 (plus four others below par, including Lowry and Thomas at -2), the three-time PGA Tour winner still has a lot of work to do this season. Sunday. And certainly a complicated night to manage, before going to try and pick his first Grand Slam at the age of 25. The only player to have three cards below par this week, Schaeffler definitely has an arm in his jacket. But the recent history of the Masters is riddled with enough lag cracks to dare give her the title of Masters 2022 too soon.

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