In the UK, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is at the center of a media and tax storm

UNITED KINGDOM – After heavy criticism over the millions saved by his ultra-rich wife in taxes, the setbacks are linked to British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, whose tax rulings worsened on Saturday 9 April in a full-blown crisis of buying power.

Rishi Sunak has been accused of hypocrisy after he admitted that until last year he had the US “Green Card” that gives him permanent resident status in the US, having filed tax returns when he was a minister in Britain.

According to the BBC quoted his spokesman, “He continued to use his green card to travel. When he first traveled to the United States as a minister, he spoke to the American authorities in order to make the right decision.” In October 2021, he gave up this card.

The troubles began earlier this week for the minister when the press revealed that his wife Akshata Murti, an Indian billionaire whose fortune exceeds that of the Queen of England, took advantage of a privileged tax status allowing her not to pay taxes to his tax authorities. His Majesty earned his income abroad (the condition known as “non-dom” for “non-resident”).

lack of transparency

This act was introduced in 1799 by Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger, to allow wealthy plantation owners in the colonies to house the income generated from the tax authorities. This now normally applies to foreign-born taxpayers who spend most of their time on British soil but who nonetheless consider their permanent residence abroad.

Taxpayers with ‘non-domestic’ status must apply for an exemption if their income abroad exceeds £2,000 (€2,200). Akshata Murti, an Indian national, had to pay 30 thousand pounds to continue benefiting from his status.

If she announced on Friday that she would be giving up her benefits so as not to be a “distraction” to her husband, Rishi Sunak “has tried several times to hide her tracks” regarding her family’s tax arrangements, Labor MP Louise Hay denounced on Saturday. In a BBC microphone.

Akshata Murti did not break any laws but “the problem is that the Treasurer was not transparent (…) about his wife’s tax status. He was not transparent about the fact that he was given a title green card In the United States tax returns are filed there. She indicated that not only when he was a member of Parliament but when he was Minister of Finance.

darling fallen old man

Friday, the British newspaper independent He also revealed that Rishi Sunak was a beneficiary of trusts in the BVI and Cayman Islands – two tax havens – set up to manage his wife’s tax affairs.

According to a spokesperson close to the Sunak family, “Nobody in the Akshata family is aware of the existence” of these trusts. In an interview with the tabloid, the minister denounced: “My wife’s filth to face me is horrible.” the sun On Friday, he added that his Indian wife “paid tax in the UK on every penny she earned” in that country.

Whatever the case, back-to-back information about the minister and his wife is getting worse at a time when British families are being stifled by massive price increases.

The eloquent 41-year-old minister, still little darling of conservatives, collapsed after he announced aid measures that did not match the historic decline in purchasing power. When Prime Minister Boris Johnson was mired in his “partisan” business organizing these parties while the country was in trouble, Rishi Sunak was cited as one of his potential replacements at 10 Downing Street.

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