In Bourg-en-Bresse, leader Boulogne Levallois put an end to two months of scarcity abroad.

One last flash on Bourguian night, then dark again…in the 32nd minute, after a pass behind Rachid Slimane’s back, Jacquery Williams crushed a huge dark to lift Equinox and let JL Bourg back in front (63)-61) for the first time since the second quarter ( 26-24, minute 15) after counting to eleven in length (47-58, minute 28). Momentum necessarily, the game’s turning point too? It is too bad knowing this terribly volatile JL Burg, who then conceded almost 9-0 (63-69, min. 34), by offering precious ammunition to the residents of Ile-de-France on her own…” every time In it we make an effort and come back, there is relaxation,” sighed Pierre Bellos, who was clearly marked by this new defeat. “We tell ourselves to keep our focus, to stop, and strangely enough, to relax… We play 40 minutes of sawtooth.”

Once again, Hugo Benitez’s JL Bourg was very fair
(Photo: Jack Cormarch)

A recurring evil since the start of the season for a secular young man who rarely manages to show the same face during a match. “There are very good things and sometimes we lose the thread of a match for no reason,” Laurent Legnam pointed out in an eternal dilemma. This could happen recently against lower teams like Le Mans or Nanterre, and the captain does not forgive. It was like that when he finally wanted to find his way to victory away from his homeland, more than two months after his last victorious trip to Betclic ÉLITE (115-106 in Monaco on January 30th). “We had to win tonight, it’s been a long time since we did it on the road,” Hao Konate told Hau Konate.

Kills Konate, Genet and McRae the game

Visibly upset by the energy of the Bordjian team who were playing a crucial match in their quest for the playoffs, “more important than [nous] By accepting Vincent Colette himself, Metropolitan 92 was first able to capitalize on an excellent first half with a good squad (33-41), before relying on the individual qualities of some to validate their 20th win of the season. “We are a little less in control than we were at one time, but we are fortunate to have the guys who have taken control of it,” technician Norman agreed. Among them, Lahau Konate (12 points on 4/7, 4 rebounds and 3 assists), who remains strong defensively but has two award-winning shots, one from each corner, dominating in time. Tomer Genet, too, in all good shots (15 points on 7/11, 9 rebounds and 3 steals), was decisive in the fourth quarter with 9 units, with the small basket always required (68-74, 38 minutes). And finally, of course, Jordan McRae (23 points on 7/13, 4 assists and 3 steals), who shines as much as he is talkative. Despite Maxim Corby’s vexed defense, the 2016 NBA champion fired high-profile shots to bend the game and all Equinoxes can hear him screaming in glee. “He was in great shape at the end of the match, it was the talent that made the difference,” confirmed Laurent Legnamme, in line with comments made by Lahau Konate a few moments ago. “We know that our individual talents are above average.”

With 23 points, McCray made a real offensive fest
(Photo: Jack Cormarch)

However, JL Bourg did not lose this meeting, just on this data alone. Brisance was guilty of “lack of discipline and clarity at crucial moments” according to their coach, poor defensive management of Boulogne-Levallois’ transitions and not knowing how to punish the few mistakes made by the bot team. “We, once we make a mistake, pay cash and take two points. Pierre Bellos complained, once they made a mistake, we couldn’t score. Or in the end all the difference between the Betclic ÉLITE captain, again the only first while waiting for Monaco to move to Portel on Sunday, and the belly team Soft … and the story of a new missed opportunity in the race for the qualifiers, even if superstars Dijon and Le Mans keep the game alive. “Still a disappointment, a disappointment all the time,” said Gers’ in-house team, who is in the fight on Saturday (5 points). , 7 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 assists, 1 interception). “If we could copy what we did in the Europa League in the league, not many people would be able to stop us in Betclic ELITE. The problem is that we never do that. Eight days after the end, this disappointing eleventh place deserves a candidate announced in the top four…

In Bourg-en-Bresse,

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