Elden Ring: How will this new title revolutionize video games?

12 million units sold in 20 days of marketing: Elden Ring with massive potential. It gets top ratings, conquers more and more players, captivates content creators, who find it hard to get… A game that fascinates, astounds, and episodically will set a new paradigm for a generation of open-world games. Here are 5 things Elden Ring will change in the video game industry.


  • A new approach to difficulty
  • The future of From Software
  • Opposition ended ‘the specialized game against the tide’
  • Help is not always paid…
  • Community emulsifier: an essential ingredient

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A new approach to difficulty

The first point that will fundamentally modify the successelden ringThis is the difficulty approach to video games. We know it’s a very personal topic, but casually, after spending a certain number of hours in the game, we see the formation of a genius working method of calibrating players’ difficulty. With his game, Miyazaki and his team bet on one difficulty, of course, but with adjustable parameters. This open world means that, in concrete terms, you can easily take on the first boss by being at level 30 rather than being at level 10, which is the first freedom in the game’s difficulty. But in addition, we must not forget that Elden Ring offers you summons from allies, summons of two players, and sometimes multiplayer, and the spirits of animals or monsters that can support you in certain confrontations. All this helps to tone down the fights, and thus make the game accessible to everyone.

If you’re not convinced of the efficacy of this argument, have fun, with each achievement unlocked in the game, look at the percentage of players they unlock, and you’ll be surprised how many game buyers play it compared to the old Souls. With all these elements that make the game more accessible, we rarely get the impression of “cheating” using these methods. This is fully integrated into the game.
In the same way, for your allies, the game remains challenging, and it always makes you understand that you are taking your freedom which comes at a great cost. When we summon a friend, for example, our flasks of tears are cut in half. When we summon a creature to our aid, the summoning action reduces mana and lasts for three precious seconds.

Long story short, Elden Ring tells you it’s a From Software game. On the other hand, it’s quite impressive to see all the liberties he takes to offer you a gimmick of his principle, the heart of his playing style. And just for that, Elden Ring will change things in the overall game design of games, as it proves that you can create a challenging game, without imposed difficulty modes, just by introducing facilitating elements, which do not exist. Don’t really look. Like. The first development after that, and we continue with the internal adjustments in the studio…

The future of From Software

The second element that will radically change Elden Ring is simply the way From Software will create its next games. Since Demon’s Souls in 2009, the studio has produced quite a few games that are somewhat similar, with the exception of Sekiro, which is more airy and combo. We hardly see how they can go back to making games that are more linear and without an open world, so much of Elden Ring makes progression freer, and therefore more welcoming to new players. Returning to the basic Souls formula, the Japanese studio risks losing the millions of players it has turned on Elden Ring. There’s still a long way to go before millions of Elden Ring players become Dark Souls experts, ready to pounce on an outdated From Software.
Thus, the most logical thing is for From Software to go along with this structure, master it the first time, and take us out of other products that practice the same very open structure.

So it’s hard to know if the Elden Ring will be able to coexist with Dark Souls, or if it will replace it. Anyway, one thing is for sure, in the studio, the game will make things happen, and in the industry as well.

Elden Ring: How will this new title revolutionize video games?

Opposition ended ‘the specialized game against the tide’

The third important point, We’ll have to change our way of opposing niche games and naively popular movies. As in the cinema, we often have an image of a market divided in two. On the one hand, the author’s game, is an innovative and surprising game, but it is sold only to an expert audience, and on the other hand, a rather traditional game that is bought by players who do not pay much attention to the color palette.
By thinking like this we lock ourselves up in boxes, breaking any possibility of innovation in studios, for fear of taking risks. Whereas risk is what drives the industry forward.
Of course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been around before, but we’re talking about a Zelda-branded game, and a Switch game, so player interaction is bound to be huge, whatever. For Elden Ring, it was a more tense bet, and this overhaul was too risky, but it worked. of software makes Heir Specialized Story and one of the biggest startups of the past ten years.

Help is not always paid…

The fourth point that Elden Ring will make is the idea of ​​helping video games. We already mentioned the difficulty, so we should also mention UI and UX of the game. UI for User Interface, UX for User Experience. To put it more clearly, these two sciences combine, create and realize your own video game interfaces. It’s about how we think about it, shape it, arrange it, design and present it. Are the interfaces clear and sufficient to understand how this or that element works? Is there a regular audience? And above all, can a novice who does not know the controllers get away with it? Then it must be said, software games do not shine with their excellence. The interfaces are tough and heavy and the explanations aren’t always very straightforward. But these interfaces have an advantage, which is that they remain relatively arranged on the screen. Austerity often leaves action ahead: we look at the screen, the decor, and the characters, more than the indicators put here and there. In other words, not paying attention to the player assistance options leads to the best benefit of the gaming experience.

We tend to forget it, but our usual Triple A developers often try to do a lot to support players unfamiliar with the medium. Points of interest everywhere, mini maps, proximity indicators, status items to know if you are on the alert. Of course, these items can often be hidden, but in a world where open worlds span 100 to 150 hours and often revolve around the same mechanisms, we get used to it. Seeing the Elden Ring very austere in terms of its interfaces, gave some ideas to netizens who wondered what the Elden Ring would look like with all these modern elements, typical of Triple A, which give a rather funny picture. The joke has gone a bit too far, but there is no smoke without fire and this parody began to emerge when industry members criticized the game’s poor missions. These guys often work in big studios, and produce modern threes.

Elden Ring: How will this new title revolutionize video games?

So we better understand their frustration with a game in which the UX elements of the Quest Design user interface, and their professional specialty, are treated so little, yet are praised for the immersion this provides. It’s somehow old-school, overly welcoming toward the player, even if it means taking his hand too much, in the face of the new school, set up by Zelda and Elden Ring, that gives free rein to interpretation, discovery, and environmental monitoring. And if we don’t have a task log, that’s fine. If you miss a dialogue, you have to follow. If you don’t understand something, test it. In a way, it’s the community that will create that help, through floor posts, to help, through video and written guides, through Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and word of mouth. And the more mutual aid there was, the more natural fame the game had.

Community emulsifier: an essential ingredient

Finally, the last point at which Elden Ring will change everything is the emulsion of society it generates. We’ve seen it, anyone can play Elden Ring, and everyone shares their little journey on social media. The freedom of movement, and the way you can explore the game, means that there is no running like the other, like in a book where you are the hero or in an RPG. but that is not all. There are also Beliefs, dug right out of the gate by storytelling enthusiasts who dig into item descriptions to get the tiniest bit of narrative, and even go so far as to dig into game files to find out more. There is therefore a real desire to analyze the content of this game and everything that surrounds it. A real action that makes enthusiastic players curious over a period of time or less after the game’s release.

And because the game is exciting, it’s easy to find an entrance, whether it’s PvP competition, humorous with messages, jokes that pervade the floor of Elden Ring messages, whether it’s artistic with panoramas we share on social networks, or even narration For example, the hidden history of various presidents. Whatever happens, there are always elements that call for sharing the experience, the little anecdote of the session the day before. This is the emulsion of the community, making sure that every player or every curious person can talk about the game and present their adventure to others, which will inevitably return a coin to the machine.

Elden Ring: How will this new title revolutionize video games?

This is exactly what happens with the Elden Ring, which with its secret and free exploration and with its completely free slash allows anyone to create their own adventure. This community brew, of course, monopolizes discussion spaces and may turn out to be spoiled or too heavy, but the result is simple: 20 days, 12 million copies were sold. Quality appeals to the audience, and the five elements we just mentioned also contribute to this.

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