Don’t inflate the price of LEGO! On the contrary: it is for sale.

good deal news Don’t inflate the price of LEGO! On the contrary: it is for sale.

Sure, Danish gaming giant LEGO has talked a lot about it since the press release announcing its association with Epic Games. And as if that wasn’t enough, Amazon decided to add a layer and sell prices for a whole bunch of LEGO toys, and there’s something for everyone!

LEGO: Find the best prices by taking advantage of the last weekend of Amazon Flash Sale!

Whether you’re a fan of the Star Wars universe, whether you love the thrills of the Marvel movies or whether you’re looking for a more engaging environment, you’re bound to find a LEGO box that suits you.

To mark the spring flash sales from Amazon, the latter has completely abandoned promotions with a vengeance.

Discover all LEGO products for sale on Amazon

LEGO has been and will continue to be an excellent gift idea, whether it’s for yourself, a child, or a “big kid” (yes, yes, no need to hide: we see you!).

If you are interested in building a Batmobile, you are in the right place!

Amazon flash sales really send a lot, especially when it comes to toys from LEGO. We’ve made this beautiful selection for you at prices like we’ve rarely seen.

  • Prices for a LEGO flower bouquet range from €49 to €38
    For you, or your better half, this set of 15 stems with different types of flowers and leaves will allow you to make a bouquet of artificial flowers while keeping the building fun!
  • The price of LEGO Bonsai is only 36 euros!
    Are you looking for the perfect supplement for your meditation sessions? Don’t move ! This bonsai will be your perfect ally! Plus, you can even change the leaves of your miniature tree: you have the choice between green and pink to simulate cherry trees in bloom.
  • LEGO Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars universe loses 30 euros
    : Getting started on building the Millennium Falcon won’t be an easy task, you’ve been warned! This LEGO box includes over 1,300 bricks to collect in order to build this extraordinary ship. For the most enthusiastic people, it’s quite a challenge to face!
  • LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Fighter price starts from 49€ to 37€
    : The X-Wing Fighter is still in the Star Wars universe at a discount too to the delight of license fans! Luke Skywalker’s legendary W-Wing Fighter building is now a reality!
  • LEGO Batmobile is only 87 euros
    It can finally be yours in just a few clicks! The mini car is cool but it will take patience to get it. In fact, you will need to assemble more than 1,300 pieces to complete it. There are even bright red and yellow bricks in this package that will make the model come alive for even more realism.
  • LEGO Harry Potter Divination Course for 19€
    You will add to your LEGO Harry Potter collection. In this package you will organize the divination session of Professor Strange Trelawney with Harry Potter and Parvati Patel. Other classes are also available on Amazon to enrich your course.
  • LEGO Hogwarts Express discount at 20 euros!
    The bundle features a platformer of 9 iconic stations from the world of Harry Potter. You can even recreate the cult scene from Part Four of the magical saga with the Dementor who will torment Harry!
  • The Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos LEGO at home for € 68
    . This bundle includes less than 600 pieces to collect to recreate the legendary Thanos gauntlet from the Avengers movies. A sturdy stand with descriptive tablet is included in this bundle so you can display it proudly in your home! Warning: it may make people jealous!

Discover all LEGO products for sale on Amazon

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