directly. The war in Ukraine: more than 1,200 bodies were discovered in the Kyiv region

For French families wishing to welcome refugees, the government has opened an online platform: France has already received more than 26,000 exiles.

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3:46 pm The war in Ukraine: More than 1,200 bodies were discovered in the Kyiv region

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova announced on the British Sky News channel, Sunday, that more than 1,200 bodies have been found so far in the Kyiv region, which was partially occupied by Russian forces for several weeks.

So far we have 1,222 people killed in the Kyiv region alone English-speaking Irina Venediktova stated in this interview that she also reported the opening of 5,600 investigations into alleged war crimes since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24.

2:15 pm Ukraine: New bombing of Dnipro airport “completely destroyed”

Dnipro airport, a large city in eastern Ukraine, was bombed again on Sunday by the Russians and ” utterly destroyed ‘,” the district governor announced.

New attack on the Dnipro airport. There is nothing left. The airport itself and adjacent infrastructure were destroyed. And the missiles keep flying Written on Telegram by Valentin Reznitchenko, governor of the region. ” We are determining the number of victims “.

Dnipro airport had already been hit by a Russian bombardment on March 15: the runway was destroyed and the terminal damaged.

Dnipro, the industrial city of one million people crossed by the Dnieper River (Dnipro in Ukrainian) and which marks the border of the eastern regions of the country, has been relatively spared the advance of the Russian army.

12:25 p.m. Pope calls for Easter truce to achieve peace

Pope Francis called on Sunday for an “Easter truce” in Ukraine. To achieve peace through real negotiations “.

Let the Easter Truce begin, but not to reload the weapons and resume the fighting. no. A truce to achieve peace through real negotiations ‘, he announced after he publicly celebrated Palm Sunday Mass at the Place Saint-Pierre.

10:33 am EU: New sanctions to be discussed on Monday

European Union foreign ministers will discuss the sixth sanctions package against Moscow on Monday in Luxembourg, but halting oil and gas purchases to halt funding for Russia’s war effort divides the 27.

We have just imposed heavy sanctions on Russia and are preparing for a sixth wave The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced Friday, during her visit to Kaif with Head of Diplomacy Josep Borrell.

09:42. The need for a renewed reform of the United Nations

Eel for 30 years, the debate on reform of the United Nations and especially its Security Council, which is not representative of today’s world and has been proven unable to prevent the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, is bouncing back sharply.

Neither the United Nations nor the Security Council succeeded. Repairs required “, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded at the end of March in the Japanese parliament. ” We need to develop a new preventive tool that can actually stop invasions He defended an appeal that was repeated in several countries and again on the 5th of April before the first session in question: the Security Council.

08:51. Last night, seven missiles fell on the Mykolaiv region

Seven missiles fell overnight from Saturday to Sunday in the Mykolaiv region, about 100 kilometers northeast of Odessa, the country’s third largest city and the main strategic port on the Black Sea, according to the local military command.

08:18. Germany is afraid of importing the Ukrainian conflict on its soil

From Russian paint-stained stores to street insults, attacks on Germany’s Russian community have doubled since the invasion of Ukraine, leaving authorities fearing the conflict could be imported into their territory.

To oppose this, “Against Fear of Russia” parade demonstrations displaying Russian flags were held in the country, which includes the largest diaspora in the European Union, sparking controversy for their lack of distancing. In the face of Russian army aggression.

New rallies of this kind are scheduled for Sunday, particularly in Frankfurt and Hanover.

07:53. Lviv mourns two of his sons but believes in his fate

With the arrival of a train of two thousand five hundred exiles from Donbass, the big city in western Ukraine was burying, on Saturday morning, two soldiers killed at the front of this region occupied by pro-Russians since 2014. People of determination here do not contradict themselves. Comprehensive defensive support. Report from our special envoys.

07:25. Ukraine is ready for the “big battle” in the east

Ukraine has said it is ready to fight a “big battle” in the east of its territory, a priority goal for Moscow, as the evacuation of civilians continues for fear of an imminent attack.

Ukraine is ready for big battles. Ukraine has to win, including in Donbass “The region is in the east of the country,” Ukraine’s Interfax news agency quoted Ukrainian presidential advisor Michalo Podolyak as saying. And when that happens, Ukraine will have a stronger position in the negotiations, which will allow it to impose certain conditions. “, he added.

07:11. Evacuation of Kramatorsk

Two days after the massacre of the Kramatorsk station (east), in which 52 civilians, including five children, were killed, who were preparing to flee in a raid attributed to a Russian missile, the evacuation of residents continues.

On Sunday, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk also indicated that 4,532 civilians had been evacuated.

The majority left the Zaporizhia region, she added, adding that nearly 200 people managed to leave the besieged coastal city of Mariupol (south) and more than a thousand people fled from Melitopol, Lysechanssk, Severodonetsk, Rubezny, Krymina and Popasna in the Luhansk region.

07:03. Ukraine is still ready to negotiate

Ukraine is ready for big battles. Ukraine has to win, including in Donbass Ukraine’s presidential adviser, Michallo Podolyak, was quoted by the Interfax-Ukraine news agency as saying, “The region is located in the east of the country.

Earlier in the day, President Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized during a press conference with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, who had traveled to Kyiv: We are ready to fight, and at the same time to look for diplomatic ways to stop this war. »

06:50. 10 billion euros for Ukraine

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Saturday that an international fundraiser has raised 10.1 billion euros to support Ukraine.

The “Stand up for Ukraine” campaign, organized by the European Union, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the international organization Global Citizen, aimed to raise funds for Ukrainian IDPs and refugees.

06:47. Boris Johnson’s surprise visit to Kyiv

The British Prime Minister, who walked the streets of Kyiv on Saturday accompanied by Volodymyr Zelensky on the occasion of a surprise visit, pledged to provide Ukraine with armored vehicles and anti-ship missiles.

He praised the Ukrainian army for ” The greatest weapons of the twenty-first century “This made it possible to defend and defeat Kyiv” Putin’s brutal designs According to a statement from Downing Street.

06:42. Curfew in Odessa

A curfew is in effect from Saturday evening until Monday morning in Odessa, the main Ukrainian port on the Black Sea, in the face of the “threat” of missile strikes, according to local authorities.

06:35. Ukraine exchanges 26 prisoners with Russia

Ukraine announced on Saturday that it has conducted a new prisoner exchange with Russia since the start of the Russian invasion, allowing the release of 12 Ukrainian soldiers and 14 civilians.

12 of our soldiers, including a female officer, go home. We were also able to release 14 civilians, including nine women, for a total of 26 people Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk wrote on the telegram. She did not specify how many Russians were exchanged for these Ukrainians.

06:30. Five civilians killed in the east

Five people were killed and five injured on Saturday in Russian shelling in eastern Ukraine, an area anticipating a major Russian attack, the region’s governor said on Telegram in the evening.

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